What are Letdown Spots?

Heading into a NFL game, one of the things you may hear is that a game is a letdown spot for one of the teams. But what does a letdown spot consist of, and how can you profit from them throughout the NFL season? In this quick look at NFL letdown spots, we answer all those questions and give bettors plenty to think about before placing their bets on pro football.

Letdown Spot?

A letdown spot is one spot on a football team’s schedule that comes after an emotional victory for a team. There is no easy game in the NFL, as any team can win any week thanks to how balanced the talent is across the league. If a team is not ready for a game emotionally, they could get off to a slow start, creating an insuperable deficit.


Letdown spots can come following a game facing a team that is a division rival or a fellow playoff contender. Or they can just come following a close game against a team that isn’t a rival or a blowout victory. With all of that said, you can see that letdown spots can come in many forms, and bettors have to have an open understanding when they attempt to scope out those spots throughout the season.

Are Letdown Spots Worth Betting?

Some letdown spots are worth wagering on in the NFL each season. But, just like any other betting viewpoint, a bettor has to put plenty of thought into when these spots are worth taking action on. Otherwise, bettors leave themselves at the risk of exposure in a match where there isn’t as good as a letdown spot as they might think is going to happen.

Bettors need to be aware that many perceived letdown spots are not worth wagering on at all. Just because a team is playing against a rival or in a close game does not ensure that they will struggle in their following contest. The previous match needs to be taxing on the teams involved in some way. Otherwise, there may be no letdown whatsoever.

What to Think About Before Placing Your Bets?

Before betting on any football game, bettors must consider the matchups going into a possible letdown spot bet. A team can be in for a letdown, but they could still win the next game if they are significantly superior to their opponent as far as the matchups are concerned. They are not worth betting on if a team can’t pressure a team susceptible to a letdown spot.

Also worth contemplating is the role of rest in letdown spots. Some letdown spots are intensified by a team playing on short rest due to playing on Monday night the week before or on Thursday night in the letdown game. In many instances, the lack of rest is a huge factor in pushing a letdown spot over the top.


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