NBA Betting Preview Warriors vs. Mavericks – January 5th, 2022

Luka Doncic is back in the lineup, but can the Mavs actually knock off one of the best teams in the league. Some say they can; some say they can’t and keep scrolling if you want to know what we say.

Golden State Warriors Betting Preview:

The Golden State Warriors are still playing smashing basketball, and with players slowly starting to get back from health & safety protocols, it seems like things won’t change soon. Steph Curry was awful against Miami; they still won. Jordan Poole dropped 32 fresh out of protocols. So as much as people want to paint the Warriors as just Curry and some guys, it’s much more than that. Green is also back out of protocols so that the defense will ramp back up again. They won 4 of their last 5, beating the Jazz in Utah, which was another impressive win. It just seems like the Warriors are not going to stop, and with Klay really close to coming back, the team should be even better.

Offensively it’s still great, one of the most beautiful offenses to watch with a lot of motion and movement. Players are getting open shots, and they are hitting them for the most part. Several players can drop 30 each night, and Curry is a threat to do his magic each night as well. On defense, it’s still as tight as ever, with the team forcing a ton of difficult shots that make it really hard to beat them. The 6th best offense, the best defense, the best record in the league, your 2021-2022 Golden State Warriors


Dallas Mavericks Betting Preview:

It is as clear as things are with the Warriors, as murky as they are with the Mavs. A 19-18 record leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s not so grim when you put things in perspective. They just completed a stretch without Luka Doncic, and it’s been fine. They won four of the last five, with the only loss coming after a ridiculous buzzer-beater in Sacramento. For a while, it seemed like this team could not score 50 points without Doncic, but players slowly built up confidence, and shots started falling. The offense looked even smoother with Doncic out for a brief moment as the Slovenian tends to dominate the ball a lot, dragging out possessions.

Now, the team is obviously better with Doncic, but maybe moving Doncic away from the ball a bit more would suit the team. Jason Kidd is paid plenty to figure out those questions, so we won’t dwell on it too much. The 3rd best defense in the league is in Dallas, which is surprising, but there are some committed defenders there. It will suffer a bit because Porzingis is ruled out for this one already, so keep that in mind. The offense has been a struggle, and that is a bad outlook if you are facing the Warriors.

Key matchups

Curry – Doncic

Obviously, these two players will not guard each other, as I expect Green to take Doncic most of the time. The Warriors can take that gamble, especially with Porzingis, which should lessen the strain on the paint a bit more. Offensively these players should duel it out, and if the Mavs hope to win, Doncic must outscore Curry. Even then, it might not be enough, but that’s the only chance.

Defensive battle

I don’t think we will be looking at a high-scoring game as I tend to think the defense will be pretty tight on both sides. Who plays it better should have a clear advantage there. The Warriors have a better one at the moment but don’t sleep on Dallas; they can defend if they lock in, and how shooting-reliant the Warriors can be, a very cold night shooting could open up a chance for Dallas.


Warriors vs. Mavericks betting lines  

So the Warriors are favored by 5,5 points, and that’s a pretty good line. It’s actually smaller than I thought, but I will take it. The points at 212,5 are about what I expected, and it’s a bit tricky to gauge whether to go over or under there. 

Free Betting Pick

If Dallas had Porzingis, I would have thought about a potential upset; after all, the Warriors need to lose from time to time. Seeing as they don’t, I simply have to go with the Warriors here. They are just a better team, playing better at the moment. Luka is back, he will play a solid match, but I don’t think they have enough, especially offensively. 

Now with the points, it’s a bit tricky. The under still looks far more likely for my taste, but I could see this becoming a very quick game pace-wise. The Mavs might try that strategy in order to keep up with the warriors because, in the half-court, it will be tough to score. I would take the Warriors; I don’t want to mess with the points.  

BetUSASports Free Pick: Warriors -5.5

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