NBA Betting Preview Warriors vs. Kings – December 20, 2021

A California matchup between the Warriors and Kings promises to be an interesting affair but not in terms of who is going to win. The Warriors are heavily favored, and if you want to know why then continue reading.

Golden State Warriors Betting Preview:

The Golden State Warriors will enter this matchup after losing their last game against the Raptors. It’s a rare loss for the Warriors, who have only six of them in 30 games, but it came in a matchup where they were resting half their team. Curry did not play, Green did not play, and neither did Wiggins. Thompson is still not back, so seeing them score 100 points against a very good defensive team in the Raptors is quite impressive. It just shows the Warriors are much more than just their superstars. In this one, they should have all of them back, which is trouble for the Kings. Curry broke the record, and he followed that up with a 30-point game in the TD Garden. He was more relaxed, and it was evident in his play. 

The team is still one of the best offensive teams in the league, and at times it looks like they are not even trying. Jordan Poole is out with COVID, so keep an eye on that in case we see more positive tests before the game begins. Defensively they are one of the best teams in the league, if not the best, which again will be troublesome for the Kings. Some of that will be mitigated by the ultra-fast pace the Kings play with, but that also suits the Warriors. It’s not a matchup they can win. 


Sacramento Kings Betting Preview:

The 12-18 Sacramento Kings have a lot of issues, and it’s hard to pinpoint which is bigger. The weird roster construction, the style of play, the lack of winning, the lack of interest in the team generally. It’s just been two decades of mediocrity in many different ways. Lately, it’s been getting even worse, with the team losing games at a very alarming pace. Their pace of play is another thing that’s alarming as there is seemingly no plan in place when it comes to playing basketball. It’s run and shoot and run and shoot, and that’s not going to cut it at this level. They are one of the better offensive teams, but that is mostly due to their pace. They are not scoring efficiently, and even on nights that they do, their defense just negates all of that.

They are 2nd to last in that category, with the Hornets the only worse team. The Hornets have played a long time with half their roster out, which heavily impacted their numbers. It’s fair to say that Sacramento has the worst defense in the league. Against the Warriors, it’s trouble. Another thing that might get exposed is the offense which is really not that good. The shot selection is quite poor, and the Warriors will easily neutralize that.

Key matchups

Curry – Fox

This is an interesting one as both players will have to run quite a bit on defense. Neither is particularly strong in that segment of the game, but both can score in bunches which should make this interesting to watch. Fox will have a green light to go to at Curry, and he will, a lot. On the other hand, expect Curry to hoist up numerous trees as Fox sometimes falls asleep. The matchup won’t decide the match because the Warriors are simply too good across the board, but it will be fun to watch.

Warriors defense – Kings offense

The bulk of points for the Celtics should come from Tatum and Brown, with both players capable of scoring a lot. The Warriors will certainly have a plan for them, and if they can stop them or limit them enough, they should have enough. Now this will determine the winner of the match. What can the Kings’ offense do against the Warriors? They will certainly push the pace, which should give them some success, but the Warriors can run with them.


Warriors vs. Kings betting lines  

So the Warriors are favored by 13 in this one, and that’s a lot. Obviously, the Kings are missing a couple of players, which is a back-to-back for them. They also face a very rested Warriors team playing its stars in the previous match. 

The points are set at 224, and again that’s expected. The super-fast pace of the Kings dictates that line.

Free Betting Pick

I mean, you can only go with the Warriors here. I’m very worried by the line, though, as 13,5 just seems a lot. There are not many blowouts in the NBA, and it’s still a lot despite everything looking like that. The motivation of the Warriors can be an issue as well, as perhaps the Kings might slide under the line by the game’s end, so wait and see what line we get. 

When it comes to the points, it screams an over. I would not bet on it, though, as the Warriors can keep the Kings under 100 points. 224 is a big line so keep an eye on that. It all comes down to if you trust the Warriors with either. Their last match was a 12 point win, so I’m going to back the Warriors to do something similar.

BetUSASports Free Pick: Warriors – 13,5

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