NBA Betting Preview Suns vs. Grizzlies

The Phoenix Suns and the Memphis Grizzlies are two teams that are very fun to watch, but how will the game between those teams shape up? Let’s find out. 

Grizzlies Betting Preview:

It’s been a solid start for Memphis this season, nothing special but not terrible either. Many have picked the team to make a sort of a leap after getting their feet wet in the playoffs last year. So far, it hasn’t quite been like that, with the team holding an average record of 6-5 after 11 games which certainly many thought would be better. The team goes as Ja Morant goes with the young superstar proving just how good he truly is. 

He does have help, but that help tends to fail every now and then, so Ja is mostly left on his own. Offensively they rank in the middle, which seems about right considering the way they play and the roster they have. Obviously, Morant is the main offensive weapon as he is scoring and assisting on the majority of points. Defense is a huge issue for Memphis as they rank second to last in that category.

Many teams have an easy time scoring against them, and that’s a problem. If they have an off night, it’s a blowout loss similar to the one suffered in Washington when the game was over quickly. So far, they have been good at home; with four of their six wins coming at home and against Phoenix, they will need to keep it close. 


Suns Betting Preview:

It’s been a shaky start for the Suns, who started off the season with a 1-3 record. A couple of players were out, such as Payne and Ayton, but they have found their groove over the past week or so. Ayton is still out with a knee contusion, but McGee is more than capable of filling his role. The Suns have been noted for their depth last season, which is helping this year. Since going 1-3, they have won six straight for a 7-3 record, which is one of the better ones. There is nothing special to see here. It’s a playoff team that is slowly working its way back into form. 

It’s been a short layoff which made things a bit complicated at the start, but they are slowly humming. On offense, they rank among the better teams in the League, which was expected for a team that retained most of their team and are playing their 2nd season as a unit together. On defense, it’s been a bit of a struggle, but it too has improved over the past week, so know they are just slightly below average. They can play good defense when they want, so it mostly comes down to effort.

Key matchups

Morant – Paul 

A rising superstar and veteran will go head to head in this match. Chris Paul, even at this age, is still a mastermind of basketball. The way he can impact the game with his play is tremendous. He still fights on defense as well, and Morant will need to be very careful in this matchup. He should have the edge offensively, but if he doesn’t pay attention, he could see Paul fill it up on the other side as well. Memphis needs Morant to win this matchup on both sides if they want to win. 


Melton – Booker

There are not many players that can guard Booker successfully, but Melton might just do the trick. They were teammates in Phoenix a couple of years back, and they know each other pretty well. Melton has always been lauded as a solid defender, and he will need to try and slow down Booker in this one. If he fails and Booker erupts for 30+, it will be a long night in Memphis. 

Suns vs. Grizzlies betting lines  

Interestingly enough, Memphis is favored by one point, and personally, that comes as a surprise to me. The Grizzlies have been much better at home than on the road, but Phoenix has won six straight. 

For the points, we have 222, which seems quite high, and here I prefer the under.

Free Betting Pick

So I was completely surprised by this line as Memphis is favored by one at home. That’s quite interesting to me because as good as they looked home, they still dropped two games. Phoenix has been playing better basketball as of late, and with each match, they are improving. They have won six straight. I think they will win this one as well. No, Ayton has not been a problem so far, and while I would like it if he played, I still think they can win this. 

They have some solid match-ups across the board, but it’s going to be close. This will not be a blowout by any side, and it will come down to the wire. The line at 222 is quite high for my taste as I do think Phoenix will try and keep the pace slow. In that scenario, I don’t see this being an over, but I prefer Phoenix to win once again.  

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