NBA Betting Preview – Pacers vs. Jazz

When the Pacers visit the Jazz, is there any chance that the visiting team could upset the very impressive Utah team? Maybe, maybe not, but all you need to know about this matchup will be written below, so check it out.

Jazz Betting Preview:

The Jazz are looking like the Jazz again. Very good regular season play but will that translate to the postseason remains the burning question. We are months away from that, so let’s see how they have been doing so far. The 5th best offense in the league is no surprise, especially by a team that was an offensive juggernaut last year. Donovan Mitchell brings plenty of scoring and playmaking on that side of the ball, and with solid role players who do their roles well, it’s going to work. 

They are slightly worse at number 6, but it’s still a very good defense. Rudy Gobert is the key there, with the French player pretty much holding the defense down by himself. Teams are forced to work around Gobert, and some teams with lesser talent really struggle with that. Utah also has the 2nd highest point differential as well, so keep that in mind. They have been rather superb at home, and they need to be if they want to secure that home floor advantage in the postseason. 


Pacers Betting Preview:

The Indiana Pacers have not been what people thought they might be. When many experts looked at the team, they expected a team that would be fighting for the postseason. So far, that’s not been the case, with an abysmal road record the main culprit for it. They have not been sensational at home either but on the road, yikes. A visit to Salt Lake City looks like a rough proposition for the Pacers, who struggle on both sides of the ball. 

One of the worst defenses in the league might have a problem facing one of the better offenses in the league, and with some rather bad matchups, we might see a blowout here. The key to staying in this match will be a good offensive night, but how likely is that for an average offensive team? Not very high, I’d say, but either way, this is shaping up to be a very one-sided game.

Key matchups

LeVert – Mitchell

Okay, so this is a very interesting matchup between two very potent scorers. All is known about mini-Wade Mitchell, who can hurt you in so many different ways. LeVert will have his hands full with Mitchell, but for him, it’s mostly about matching the production on the other end. If he is able to keep up with Mitchell, the Pacers might be able to keep it close, and they need to do that if they want to have a chance to steal this one. 


Turner – Gobert

Two defensive stoppers in the paint of their respective teams will look at each other quite a bit. Neither is particularly skilled offensively, but both get a few touches down below. Who scores them more efficiently and who guards his paint better will largely impact this matchup between these two teams. Obviously, Gobert has my backing to do better. 

Jazz vs. Pacers betting lines  

As expected, the line is fairly high, with Utah being favored by nine points. I don’t see it’s a big surprise, but I would have liked it to be smaller. I think it’s playable at this number, and I certainly prefer it to the points.

Free Betting Pick

There is only one way you can go here. It’s the Jazz, and they should win this comfortably. I can see a blowout happen, but I can also see a way the Pacers keep it within 9 points. I certainly prefer the Jazz to the points where I’m not sure I should back the over or the under. Both seem likely, and once again, it will come down to the Pacers.

If they can keep it close, they can keep it close, but I don’t trust them to do so. I don’t love this pick; I would love it more if it were five or six points, but it’s nine. Be aware of that risk; blowouts are not as common as people think they are in the NBA. 

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