NBA Betting Preview: Mavericks vs. Clippers

The Dallas Mavericks lost to the Clippers a few days ago, and they will have a chance to avenge that loss, but with Luka Doncic still sidelined, is there enough for them to do it? Let’s find out. 

Mavericks Betting Preview:

The Mavs are currently sitting at a 9-7 record, and it was much more impressive while Luka Doncic was still playing. The most important player for the Mavs has not played a few games, and it’s been a struggle for them. How could it be any different when you are playing without your MVP-caliber player. Still, it’s not as bad as it looks, they are not Philly without Embiid, and most of their losses were respectable. There were no blowouts, and each of the games was rather close, and they played pretty good teams in the Suns and Clippers. 

In the absence of Doncic, a lot goes through Hardaway Jr. and Porzingis, with both stepping up quite a bit. A few days ago against the Clippers, it was Porzingis that led the way with 25 points. The Mavs were in the game, but a 3rd quarter collapse saw them ultimately drop the game to the Clippers 97-91. The score is quite surprising, considering how poorly Dallas shot in that game and how easily they could have stolen it. The offense has been an issue without Doncic, especially in moments when games tend to slip away. There is a chance he could be back for this game, and obviously, that is a major thing, so keep an eye on that. Everything changes if Doncic plays. The offense is currently one of the worst ones, but that’s because it took a hit when Doncic went out. The defense is average, with a lot of room for improvement. 


Clippers Betting Preview:

The Clippers are currently sitting on a 10-7 record, which is fairly decent considering all their injuries. The team is rallying around Paul George, who is playing a fine season, and for now, it’s good enough to keep them well above .500. The team plays very well at home, having an 8-3 record and average on the road. They will need to keep playing like this until Leonard comes back, which is when they will have a push for a better seed in the standings. Either way, they will need to do it the hard way in the playoffs considering their roster lacks the talent to place top 4 without Kawhi playing a lot of the games. 

They have played excellent defense so far, ranking as the 3rd best defensive team, which is quite impressive. It’s something that needs to continue possibly even improve, which could prove difficult for teams to overcome, especially in the postseason when the refs swallow the whistles. On offense, it’s been a bit a drag as the team lack superpower. With Leonard back, that should become much better, but their best bet is to keep winning thanks to their defense. That is how they beat Dallas a few days ago, limiting them to 41 % shooting.

Key matchups

George – Porzingis

Interestingly enough, this is a direct matchup as the Clippers are playing a very small lineup right now and played 3 guards against the Mavs. What it will come down most of the time is the offensive output. These players were the best in the game a few days ago, and both will need to do the same. Goerge was a bit sharper, which is why the Clippers were able to win, but Porzingis did quite a bit of damage as nobody really can guard him. Even if you put a big body on him like Zubac, Porzingis is just too quick for him. 


Mavs Defense – Clippers Defense

The first match was a proper defensive match as neither team really shot the ball well. The Clippers created a lot of trouble for the Mavs, especially for their outside players, with Hardaway Jr. having a nightmare night. On the other hand, Mavs forced 15 turnovers, which is why the game was rather close until the very end. If a similar thing happens again, it will come down to who plays the better defense. 

Mavericks vs. Clippers betting lines  

The Clippers are favored by 4,5, and that is because Doncic most likely won’t play. The points are set at 207, and once again, it’s quite expected considering the result from a few days ago. 

Free Betting Pick

This comes down to Doncic playing or not. If he plays, forget everything written above and go with your gut, but if he does not play, then back the Clippers. It’s a matchup that suits them very well as there is nobody to really break down their defense. They are at home as well, so expect the Clippers to take this one in another low-scoring game

BetUSASports Free Pick: -4.5

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