NBA Betting Preview Jazz vs. Rockets

A matchup of two teams with entirely different timelines will happen in Houston. The home Rockets welcome to town the visiting Jazz, who are looking to right the wrong of last season. Who has the edge in this will be explained down below.

Rockets Betting Preview:

The Houston Rockets will not take off like a rocket this season as the team has no realistic chance of making the playoffs. The roster is not good enough, and for them, it will mostly come down to evaluating players. Some of those players currently on the roster will not be here next year, and some will arrive in the draft. There is some talent in Houston, but the Franchise needs to figure out who is a long-term piece and who i0s not.

For now, Houston is an average team at best because they neither defend well nor do they attack fairly well. They rank in the middle of the pack on both sides of the ball, and that’s more than fine on the court that should translate to wins against abysmal teams with losses against outstanding teams, teams like the Jazz. That has been the case so far in the season, with their only win coming against Oklahoma.


Jazz Betting Preview:

The Utah Jazz is currently playing like the best team in the league. They started well, which was expected, considering the roster is pretty much the same. It’s Mitchell, for the most part, with some excellent supplementary pieces. Gobert is doing Gobert things on defense, which ranks number one so far in the league. On offense, they are slightly above average, but over time that should become better. After all, the Utah offense last year was one of the best in the league.

The Jazz is widely expected to finish in the top 4 once again and be a good playoff team. Obviously, matchups like this against the Rockets must be won, and it’s hard to see the Jazz not winning this easily. Everybody is healthy and should play, and in that case, the Jazz is heavily favored to win this. After all, they won against better teams like Denver with ease, so this should not be a problem.

Key matchups

Rockets offense – Jazz defense 

How the Rockets’ offense plays against the Jazz defense will determine the match. Houston has some potent offensive weapons, yet they do not play a very fluid offense. Individuality will only get you so far in the NBA, and to defeat the best teams, you need to play a very fluid and clear system. The Rockets don’t do that, and if they fail to hit the 100 mark, it’s going to be a very long and depressing night in Rockets county.


Jalen Green – Donoval Mitchell 

The outcome of this matchup won’t decide this game, but it will be fascinating to watch for any NBA fan. Both of these players are athletic monsters with tremendous ability while also capable of shooting the ball. Mitchell is obviously a far better player right now and a better shooter, so he should have the edge in this one. Either way, if you get the chance to check it out, watch this matchup.

Jazz- Rockets- betting lines 

The Utah Jazz is favored by at home, and that’s a pretty big margin for any NBA matchups. As often as we tend to think that blowouts are common, they are, in fact, not. However, this is one of the times that a blowout seems more than likely. 

The points are set at 222,5, and that’s relatively accurate. I think this game leans more on the under, but you never know. If both teams come in hot, I could see the Jazz winning 125-107, which would put the totals over.

Free Betting Pick

The Jazz is an absolute favorite, and with good reason. They are playing the best defense in the league and against a team that plays largely one-on-one, which will come in very handy. I think the Jazz will win this easily and cover the 9,5. It might be close, but they should win this easily if they play seriously (I think they will).

I think the under would be more likely when it comes to the points, as I don’t see this Houston team score too much over 100. With the line at 222,5, though, I’d like the Jazz as a team more simply because the Jazz might hit 130 themselves and if that happens, the over seems to be guaranteed.  

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