NBA Betting Preview Heat vs. Wizards

Two of the better teams in the East will clash when the Wizards visit Miami to see which of these teams is ahead right now in the season. It should be a good one so let’s see how they match up. 

Heat Betting Preview:

The Miami Heat have certainly delivered on what they promised to do. In the playoffs, a broom by the Bucks left a sour taste for everyone in South Beach, especially for an organization that prouds itself of never rebuilding. This season they are playing very good basketball to start, and they will certainly be a factor in the postseason if everything turns out the way they planned. So far, it’s good for a 9-5 record, which could have been even better if certain things happened differently, but still, it’s clear that the Heat will fight for one of those top 4 spots in the East.

The group has a solid mix of veterans and some younger players, which gelled pretty well in the system of Erik Spoelstra. On offense, it’s working pretty good with the Heat having no trouble scoring. They currently rank 6th in offense, and that’s pretty good considering the team does not have a go-to scorer. It’s mostly a team effort, and it’s working very well. On defense, they rank in the top 10 as well, and that’s usually something that sticks in the postseason. Overall they are a very good team that has room to improve, and that’s all they wanted heading into the season.


Wizards Betting Preview:

It’s hard to think of a team that has exceeded expectations more than the Wizards, who are playing sensational basketball right now. It all starts with Bradley Beal, who has been one of the better offensive weapons in the League for several years now but now he has a very good supporting cast. There is shooting, there is experience, there is grit around him, and it’s showing. The group came together fairly well, probably better than even the FO expected in Washington. Similar to Miami, they rank in the top 10 on the defensive side of the ball, which is a dramatic improvement from where they were one year ago. It’s the key to why they are 10-3 currently because last season they had an amazing offense, but the defense was very bad. 

The improvement comes with some smart trades that brought in willing defenders who bought into the concept of the team. Everybody has an assigned role, and they are playing it to perfection early on in the season. If they could escape South Beach with a W and improve to 11-3, that would be a dramatic statement to their intentions this year.

Key matchups

Dinwiddie – Lowry

With Butler being out, the most important player for the Heat is Kyle Lowry. The veteran has been playing a superb season so far, and he will need his best when he faces Dinwiddie. Spencer has been playing superbly as well, and this matchup right here might determine the outcome of the match. Lowry will need to try and limit Dinwiddie as much as possible while also contributing on offense. Whether he can do it at his age remains to be seen, but he has had some strong performances against Washington before.


Beal – Miami defense

With Butler out, it’s really hard to determine who will guard Beal. Robinson and Herro can’t do it properly, and Beal should have a rather easy time scoring in this match. It’s a shame Butler won’t play because it would have been such a good matchup to watch, but either way, if Beal erupts in this one, it’s game over for Miami. 

Heat vs. Wizards  betting lines  

The Miami Heat are heavily favored in this matchup (7) which is kind of surprising. They both played last night, and the Wizards did lose, but the Heat did not look too impressive either. The points are set at 209,5, and that’s another tricky number to gauge. 

Free Betting Pick

I expected the Heat to be favored in this matchup, but I don’t think this match would favor them. A couple of things to note is that Jimmy Butler will be back. Bam Adebayo might be back as well, while Dinwiddie might miss the game. With those things in mind, it’s really hard to pick a side here. If the Heat is fully healthy, I think they can win by seven or more, but it depends on who plays or does not play. 

When it comes to the points, I honestly lean towards the under more than the over, but it will depend on who will play and who will not. Wait on that info and then decide.

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