NBA Betting Preview Heat vs. Warriors – January 3rd, 2022

It’s a new year, but we keep going as the Miami Heat visits the Golden State Warriors. Two teams that have been playing well lately in this one, so who has the edge?

Miami Heat Betting Preview:

Miami will make a short trip from Sacramento to San Francisco after a very disappointing outing in the Californian capital. Before that match, they won several matches in a row, getting that record up to 24-13. However, a late collapse in Sacramento allowed the Kings to snatch that win. No problem for Miami, as the team is still performing at a very high level despite dealing with a lot of roster turnover all season long. Butler is back, but the full team is still not playing. Does it bother them? Not really, as they amassed quite a bit of win simply due to their stellar team chemistry. Guys are stepping up all the time, and the machine keeps on rolling. It will be interesting to see what they can do when they are fully healthy, but as of now, it’s still working well. 

Offensively it’s about average, which I actually quite like with this team. It’s not fast-paced, but it features very good execution. Players are hitting their shots when they need to, and you will rarely ever get a stinker from them. That’s a sign of a great team. When they do lose, it mostly comes down to the other team shooting better, which does not happen often. On defense, it’s been pretty great. Overall, the third-best defense bodes well for the postseason, and the Heat should be happy about that. With players in and out, it signals a solid system that works with the majority of their roster. All in all, a very good season so far. 


Golden State Warriors Betting Preview:

Not much needs to be said about the Warriors, who have established themselves as one of the best, if not the best, team in the league. With significant pieces missing time this year, the Warriors are still able to keep themselves on top of the league with sensational team chemistry and the play of Steph Curry. Klay Thompson is not back yet, and once he is, he will add another dimension to their team. So far, it’s been an MVP year for Steph Curry, who is carrying a heavy load, but he is not by himself. Draymond Green is seemingly holding the defense, and the Warriors are the best defense in the league. Yes, it’s the defense that is doing the most, and that’s a very good thing to have heading into the postseason in a couple of months. 

The offense is top 10 in the league with a chance to become even better as they get a sharpshooter like Thompson back soon. They are extremely potent from the three, which is how they destroyed the Suns on Christmas. They have veterans who can step up in key moments and championship pedigree, a major one, that not many teams have. All of that should make Dub Nation very optimistic about the next few months.

Key matchups

Curry – Butler

Without knowing whether Lowry will play, I will just frame this as the Curry vs. Butler show. And it will come to that as Butler might even take Curry on the defensive side of the ball as well. Both of these players are very important for their squads, and they will be the focus of the defenses. Curry is the far better player, but he tends to have off nights at times. If he does have one here, the Heat might actually steal one. 


Heat vs. Warriors betting lines  

Golden State is a very heavy favorite in this one, with the line set at 8,5. I can’t blame anyone for that, as the Warriors simply have been that impressive. They won the majority of the games they played lately with only one stinker against Denver in there. 

Free Betting Pick

I am going to have to go with the Warriors here because there is a lot of going for them. They are a better shooting team, have more stars available, and are at home. Miami is coming off of a loss in Sacramento where they could not stop the Kings allowing 115 points. That won’t fly against the Warriors. When it comes to the points, I am really not sure. It can go under, and it can go over, just depends on what type of game it ends up being. 

BetUSASports Free Pick: Heat by 8,5

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