NBA Betting Preview Hawks vs. Spurs

The rising Hawks or the slumping Spurs, who have the edge when the teams clash in Texas, find out below. 

Hawks Betting Preview:

It’s been a very interesting season for the Hawks so far, with the team looking both brilliant and abysmal at times. No team has a more dramatic home-away split than the Hawks. 8 of the 9 wins Atlanta has so far this season came at home, with the team having an abysmal 1-8 record on the road. A very good chance for them to rectify that will come when they visit the Spurs. The reason for their bad play on the road mostly comes down to shooting.

They shoot a lot worse on the road than at home. At home, they are about 49 % from the field while they are only 41 % on the road, which is clearly a problem. They have yet to figure out how to fix that, but it mostly comes down to their best players performing better. If the stars play well, they can carry the load offensively, especially against weaker teams. A 5-12 Spurs team should be beatable on the road for you if you want to present yourself as a playoff team and especially if you are on a 5-match winning streak.

All those wins came at home, but still, it has to start translating eventually. Overall, the Hawks are a very solid offensive and a below-average defensive team, but they are bad in both categories on the road. Still, if they want the playoffs, they can’t drop games like these.


Spurs Betting Preview:

The San Antonio Spurs are not playing the way people thought they would. A franchise that has been known for competitiveness and stability simply looks out of place at the bottom of the league, but the team is really without much talent. Coach Pop is doing all he can, but you cannot do much when presented with a lack of talent. Entering this one, the Spurs are on a 5-game losing streak where they dropped games against both good and bad teams. The team simply struggles when presented with a team that has more talent than them. They dropped two games to Minnesota, and they are not a good team, albeit they have superior offensive talent than the Spurs.

The Spurs rank in the bottom half of the league when it comes to defense, and they are not able to stop offensively efficient teams. There is a lack of experience, and it shows. Teams have been able to score against them rather easily, and they fail to do the same. On offensive, they are average, but in reality, they need to be above average to compensate for the bad defense. On most nights, that will get you beat.

Key matchups

Murray – Young

This game has a very fun matchup between Murray and Young, with two dynamic players going head to head. A lot will depend on this matchup because Murray will need to keep up with Young if he wants to give the Spurs a boost. Young is very tricky to guard, and if he has one of his explosive performances, the Spurs might have a problem keeping up. Either way, it’s expected from the best player to take a pivotal role in leading the Hawks to their 2nd victory on the road this season.


Poeltl – Capela

As great of a shooting team as the Hawks are, they enjoy scoring many points in the paint. Both Young and others enjoy driving to the basket, and with Capela and Collins always hovering around the rim, there will be added pressure on the basket. Poeltl is a very solid paint defender, and he will need to be very good to minimize the points in the paint for the Hawks. With the shooting struggles of the Hawks, keeping them away from easy points might go a long way in winning this match. 

Hawks vs. Spurs betting lines  

As expected, the Hawks are favored by four despite being 1-8 on the road, and there is a clear reason behind it. The matchup, in theory works extremely well for them, and they should be able to win it easily. The points are 220, which is high but once again expected as neither team plays too much defense. 

Free Betting Pick

If there was ever a time for you to pick the Hawks, it’s in this matchup. They have won 5 straights while the Spurs have lost five straight. They are offensively superior to their opponents and play better team defense. Everything in this matchup screams the Hawks, and I would take them even with -4. They just have to win this; there is no excuse not to win this.

When it comes to the points being set at 220, it’s a bit trickier. The Hawks should score over 100 easily but will the Spurs keep up. I’m not sure, it can go over, but I like the Hawks better. 

BetUSASports Free Pick: Hawks -4

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