NBA Betting Preview – Hawks vs. Mavs

The Luka Doncic – Trae Young Draft Day trade may be the best-executed Draft Day trade of all time. While teams usually tend to regret these types of trades, neither Dallas nor Atlanta regrets this trade, and both players blossomed into superstars with their Franchises. And these two will kick off their respective seasons against one another. We are in Atlanta, and let’s see how the Mavs should fare against the Hawks. 

Dallas Mavericks Betting Preview:

It was very turbulent in Dallas during the offseason. A lot of rumors, a lot of movement, and quite a bit of drama. However, Mark Cuban has found a way to calm it all down, and heading into the season; the Mavs look like a team ready for the next step. That step would be advancing past the 1st round in the playoffs, which this team can do. A lot will depend on Luka Doncic, obviously, but Kristaps Porzingis is the x-factor. If he can step up and become a proper co-star, then this Mavs should be good. 

Jason Kidd is capable enough to do a good job, but his temper and coaching tactics will need to be fully bought into by the whole team. The dynamic between him and Porzingis will work remains to be seen, but there could be some initial flares. They played brilliantly in the preseason, and a 127-59 win over the Hornets is not to be quickly discarded even if it’s the preseason. 

Atlanta Hawks Betting Preview:

The Atlanta Hawks were the cinderella team last season. The brilliant and fearless play brought them many new fans during their run to the Conference Finals. The heroic takedown of Philadelphia in Philly and then the brave fight against the Bucks, in short, this team is for real, and it’s not a fluke. This offseason, their most significant move was removing the interim tag from Coach McMillan, who turned this Franchise around rather quickly last year. The majority of the roster is returning, and with everything, in place, the Hawks are ready to take the next step. A lot will depend on Trae Young, who will surely post MVP-like numbers, which will be the key. If Young keeps delivering as he did so far in this career, the Hawks will secure a top 4 finish in the east. The supporting cast is excellent, and everyone is healthy, which should be more than enough. They are battle-hardened and will be a tough out in the playoffs.

Key matchups

Young – Doncic

Obviously, when you have two MVP-caliber players on the court, their matchup is the most fascinating one to watch. They are both the designated ball handlers of their teams, and while they won’t guard each other, their play will impact their teams the most. Both are expected to erupt in this game, so a high-scoring affair is widely expected. Whoever delivers better will propel their team to victory.

Collins – Porzingis 

This matchup will be extremely important, especially if the Hawks don’t have Gallinari and Williams. Those two veterans can deliver some much-needed points, and if they are not there, Collins will have to take on the load. He was able to do so in the past, and his play on both sides of the ball will be key.

For Porzingins, it’s relatively simple. Is he capable of stepping up and being a true number 2? If he is not, the Mavs will fail short of winning this match and their season goals. 

Hawks – Mavs betting lines

So the betting lines tell us these teams are pretty even. The Mavs are getting +2,5 on the road, and while that seems right, it’s a very tricky line to gauge. I don’t see this match coming down to one ball or one possession as I see one or the other team pulling away earlier. 

The over/under is set at 224,5, and that line seems rather tempting considering the scoring capabilities of both teams. It’s a line worth taking, especially when you consider that Doncic and Young should both go off for 30+.

Free Betting Pick

So this is a relatively simple way of looking at it, but continuity generally wins at the beginning of the season. Teams with a lot of turnover or changes to the staff take some time to get into their ‘groove’ fully. That might be the case with Dallas as well, even if they have the great equalizer in Doncic. I think the Hawks win this game simply because continuity is on their side. The -2,5 line is a good one to take as I believe they can cover.

When it comes to the over/under, I’m leaning towards the over. I don’t expect either team to play suffocating defense and there is too much shooting on both sides not to fancy the over. I even prefer the over to the Hawks as a bet as it seems more likely. It’s more fun to watch both Doncic and Young if you did not bet against them. 

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