NBA Betting Preview Hawks vs. Grizzlies

Two teams that have had very similar seasons so far are the Atlanta Hawks and Memphis Grizzlies, and they will face off in a post-thanksgiving match in Memphis, so who has the edge in this one? Find out below. 

Hawks Betting Preview:

The Atlanta Hawks are currently experiencing an uprise in their form as the team from Georgia is enjoying a 6-match winning streak ahead of the match in Memphis. The Hawks finally ended their dreadful away losing streak that was several games strong, notching only their 2nd win on the road this season. It came against a very aggressive San Antonio team, but the Hawks had a clear matchup advantage in that match, so it’s no wonder they were able to come out on top. A great match to build momentum will come when they visit the Grizzlies, against whom they also have a solid matchup. 

Atlanta loves to shoot the three, and Memphis is one of the worst teams at guarding the three, and there is a clear advantage there for Atlanta if they have a great shooting night. The problem for them is that they did not have many on the road so far, so there is that. On offense, it’s starting to look very good with the team developing chemistry at a very good pace. Right now, they rank as one of the better offensive teams, and that’s needed for the Hawks as their defense has not been all that, and it’s hardly going to get much better. 


Grizzlies Betting Preview:

The Memphis Grizzlies have had an interesting season so far as well, with the team playing hot and cold nonstop. The team struggles to go on a winning or losing streak putting out performances that earn them a win on one night and a loss on another night. It’s hard to pinpoint what is exactly going wrong as many predicted the team to make a bit of a leap this year, but so far, it’s not been happening. Morant is still playing a superb season, but he needs more support from teammates, and he is not getting it at the moment. The biggest problem for the Grizzlies is their 3-point defense which is the worst in the league. That allows opposing teams to keep themselves in the game long enough to steal it possibly.

That happened in the Grizzlies’ last game when they were dominating Toronto for three-quarters of the game only to lose it in the final four minutes. They could never create enough separation between them to ice the game, and Toronto got a lucky break with the Grizzlies choking at the end. That poor 3-point defense translates to the worst defense in the league by quite a margin. The offensive talent of Morant makes them the 7th best offense in the league, but that’s only good enough for a 9-9 record at the moment.

Key matchups

Young – Morant

This matchup is a fantastic one to watch for any basketball fan as there are hardly any players that are more fascinating to watch than these two. Both are excellent offensive weapons, albeit with different skill sets. Young is more of a finesse player with a killer shooting stroke, while Morant plays with passion and with a lot of athleticism. Which player plays better will largely play a part in which teams add a W to their tally. Both are capable of erupting for 40 + points, and if one does, his team will be in a great position to win this one. 


Hawks vs. Grizzlies betting lines  

Memphis is favored by 1 at home, and that’s a really great line for this match, and there are a couple of ways you can go. The points are set at 225, and that’s a really high number that I would probably stay away from.

Free Betting Pick

The Hawks are abysmal on the road, but similar to the match against the Spurs, this is one they should take under the right circumstances. What are those? Well, they need to shoot better than their opponent, but it should not be too much of an ask considering how poorly Memphis plays defense. 

Atlanta has several stellar offensive weapons, and with how bad Memphis plays defense, they should have a field day. The Hawks are a one-point underdog here, and I think that’s great value to take the Hawks on a moneyline. They have a very good matchup, and if they play well, they should win easily. Keep in mind they are 2-8 on the road, and there is a reason for it, but if you feel like risking, go for it. 

The points are set at 225, and that’s a very high number, but if you are going to play anything here, it’s the over. I would not back it at this number, but the under is a no-go either way. 

BetUSASports Free Pick: Hawks ML

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