NBA Betting Preview: Hawks vs. Celtics

The Boston Celtics and the Atlanta Hawks have not played as well as people thought they were going to, but both are getting better slowly. Who has the edge when the Celtics arrive in Atlanta? Let’s find out.

Hawks Betting Preview:

The Atlanta Hawks have had a very interesting season so far. They are playing well below their expectations, but the team is still capable of monster performances. There is still a lot of talent on the roster, and if players perform the way they can, they are a top 4 team in the East. So far, it’s been a tale of home and away. At home, the Hawks are dominant, beating teams rather easily and shooting the ball extremely well. On the road, it’s been the polar opposite, with the team not able to beat pretty much anyone. They are 5-1 at home and 1-8 on the road, and that will need to change if they want to secure a good postseason place.

Against the Celtics, they are at home so keep that in mind. We should get a motivated Hawks team, and that should be tough to overcome for the Celtics. The Hawks are an average offensive team due to their poor road record, but they are one of the better ones at home. On defense, they are one of the worst ones, but if you only look at home games, it’s about average or slightly better. Either way, if they are going to beat the Celtics, it’s going to be at home. 


Celtics Betting Preview:

The Boston Celtics have had an up and down season quite literally. From brilliant performances to complete stinkers, we have seen it all. It was somewhat expected after a new coach arrived, but many expected the superstars to play better than they did. Jayson Tatum has not had an MVP type of season which many expected, and it’s showing on the record. It was actually Jaylen Brown who was the better and more consistent player on most nights, which is both good and bad for Boston. 

It would help if you had your 2nd star to play great, but he should not outplay your first star often. They will need both in the matchup against the Hawks, but interestingly enough, Boston has played much better on the road so far. Five of their seven wins came on the road, indicating that their level of focus rises on the road. They are average on both offense and defense, and that paints a pretty clear picture, but the encouraging sign is the improvement on defense. They ranked dead last at the start of the season, so this is good. Will it be enough remains to be seen.

Key matchups

Young – Smart

Trae Young is starting to heat up slowly, and that is a problem for any team, including the Celtics. A very good defender in Smart awaits Young in this matchup, and how much he can hold him back will be key. Young is expected to score a lot still, but if Smart can make him take forced shots with a high chance of missing the Celtics, he will live with the result. Young torched the Bucks just recently, and if he does that to the Celtics, the Hawks will get an easy W.


Tatum – Hawks defense

It’s tough to gauge who will guard Tatum for the better part of the night, but the Hawks will need to have someone stick to him all night long. He is still one of the more talented offensive weapons in the league, and he just needs one good night to erupt. The Celtics will need him to do well in this one because if he doesn’t, it’s hard to see how they will keep up with the Hawks’ offense. They have rarely hit 110 points this season, and they will need to do that against this Hawks team at home. 

Hawks vs. Celtics  betting lines  

As expected, four points favor the Hawks, and there is good reason for it. They have been one of the best teams in the league when you look at their splits at home. Despite being it four, I like it, and I think the Hawks can do it. When it comes to the points, we have 214, which is solid and has some potential as well.

Free Betting Pick

So the Hawks are getting four points at home against the Celtics, and it’s a fair number. They have been great at home all season long and recently even started playing better. Young looks unstoppable, and the rest of the team can keep up with him scoring-wise. They have better shooters than Boston, and I think they will win. They should win by four or more as well. 

The points are set at 214, and that’s a pretty solid number. Boston has struggled offensively recently, and that might be a problem for this because I think Atlanta scores over 100 easily. The tempo should be fast, and I would lean towards the over. I like Atlanta as a team better, but I am backing the over here as well. 

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