NBA Betting Preview Grizzlies vs. Warriors – December 23, 2021

The Memphis Grizzlies have cooled off a bit, losing two straight games, so can they avoid making it 3 losses in a row when they visit the Golden State Warriors? Maybe, maybe not, but the breakdown below will help you decide that.

Grizzlies Betting Preview:

When Ja Morant got injured, many saw this Memphis team struggled quite a bit and slide on the standings. Nobody predicted that quite the opposite would happen. Memphis did not slide and actually improved their position, stringing together some impressive wins. They came both at home and on the road, and the team generally played better. How and why it’s tough to say, but they simply got hot at the right time. It was a team effort, with players like Bane carrying a heavier load than usual. Jaren Jackson Jr. also made progress this year, so that helped.

In the last two matches, things went a bit differently. Their hot starts cooled off a bit, and their scoring dropped off. Morant came back in the last match and contributed with a solid 16 points, but they still failed to hit the 100 mark, and that was after dropping 30 in the first quarter. Obviously, things will balance out a bit, but they are trending negatively at the moment. Still, at 19-12, the Grizzlies have very little to be worried about. They rank top 10 offensively and about average on defense. The defensive improvement was especially crucial for this run as they ranked as a bottom 3 defense before it. Can they sustain it remains to be seen, but they need to if they want to do something in the postseason.


Warriors Betting Preview:

The Warriors are still in a similar place as they were a week, two, a month ago. Steph Curry is playing like an MVP, and that is good enough to make you one of the two best teams in the League. They and the Suns look like a level above everyone else at the moment, and that’s just the reality. They have been struck with COVID-19 now with Kuminga and Wiggins both in protocols, so that’s a developing situation to keep an eye on. There might be more positive tests incoming, which could impact the game’s outcome. In terms of stuff on the court, it’s quite simple.

Unparalleled team chemistry, great shooting, ball movement, the best defensive team in the League by many metrics centered around Draymond Green. All of that is good enough for the 2nd best record in the League and the best winning margin in the League. Offensively they rank as the 5th best offense, but that number got batted down a bit with some lackluster performances and resting players recently. Their offensive potential is still very high, and they are still holding out Klay Thompson.

Key matchups

Morant – Curry

There is a specific reason why this matchup is the one to watch. VanVleet is the top scorer of the Raptors, which says a Neither is particularly good defensively, but Curry is a very good team defender, which works on most nights. Both are brutal offensive weapons, with Morant playing a lot more physically than Curry going to the rim more often. That can create problems for Curry, but big bodies will wait there to cover for him. Curry has been shooting the ball well this season, so that’s his main calling card. Whoever wins this matchup will help their team greatly, and it’s a good one. 

Jaren Jackson Jr – Green

Now, this is something to watch closely as Jaren Jackson Jr. has emerged as a pretty good scorer lately, both inside and outside. Draymond Green will keep an eye on him as the young player is the centerpiece of a lot of the things the Grizzlies do on offense. If Green can take him out of the game, Memphis will have trouble generating good looks, and that’s trouble. 


Grizzlies vs. Warriors betting lines  

So as expected, the Warriors are favorites in this one, but the line is not that huge. It’s fairly solid at 6,5, and I think the Warriors can cover that. When it comes to points, it’s set at 217, which is quite in line with what was expected.

Free Betting Pick

I’m going to take the Warriors here even with several health and safety protocols players. They are at home, they are catching Memphis a bit down, and generally, they have played well recently. There is a chance that Memphis keeps it close, but I think the Warriors can get it done. 

When it comes to the points, I would take the under here. Both can score, but I don’t think this will be a high-scoring game. With Poole and Wiggins out, the Warriors might want to keep this at a slower pace, contributing to the under.

BetUSASports Free Pick: Warriors 

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