NBA Betting Preview Celtics vs. Spurs

The Boston Celtics are yet to go on a run this season, and with a 10-9 record, it’s not looking that convincing. A great opportunity to get something going is when they visit the struggling Spurs sitting at 4-12, far away from any realistic playoff chances. How do they match up? Find out below.

Celtics Betting Preview:

It’s been a very shaky season for the Boston Celtics so far. Heading into this one, they have a 10-9 record that isn’t entirely convincing. The Celtics have playoff aspirations, but it’s becoming rather clear to most people that the team is not some top team that that will go far in the playoffs. Tatum and Brown have played okay, but there is simply not enough talent around them to unleash them fully. The new coach did not bring any initial spark either, with the team still finding its way. Overall, it’s been getting better lately with the team is starting to play better basketball overall as Brown is slowly working towards starting after a COVID-19 bout.

They have been winning matches they are supposed to win late, including a thrashing of the Lakers that boosted confidence. Their last match was against the Nets, and it was a rather easy win for the Nets, showcasing that the Celtics are still levels below some of the better teams in the league. Statistically, they rank in the middle of the league offensively, which is the same on defense. It’s in line with their 10-9 record, but it’s not going to be good enough if they want to secure home advantage for the postseason, which was the goal ahead of the season. It should be enough to take out the struggling Spurs.


Spurs Betting Preview:

Seeing the San Antonio Spurs have a 4-12 record while being coached by Gregg Popovich is weird and feels wrong. Yet it is what it is, and the rarely rebuilt franchise is finding itself in the middle of a rebuild. This year might end up being Popovich’s last year as a coach, and it’s a shame he won’t finish with a winning record, but the team is heavily lacking in talent. There are some nice pieces in there, but it’s not enough to stand up to some of the better teams in the league, which Boston should be a part of. They are on a 6-game losing streak against pretty good teams. Loses to the Lakers, Clippers, Suns, Hawks should not surprise anyone, especially when they are on the road. At home, they nearly stole away a game from the Suns, so the team is capable of playing competitive matches.

This one against the Celtics should be competitive, but the Spurs have a lot of issues that are hard to overcome. They rank among the worst teams defensively, and it’s been a continuous issue throughout the season. It especially shows against teams with superior offensive talent, and they simply can’t keep up. On offense, the Spurs are an average team which is a testament to the work of Popovich because they rank higher in that category than some other teams who have a lot more talent than they have.

Key matchups

Boston offense – Spurs defense

There are no particular matchups in this match that should swing the match one way or the other, but the way the Spurs defense handles Brown and Tatum will largely impact the match. Both of these players are capable of electric performances with many highlights, but both have been inconsistent this year. Tatum has been playing better recently, and he will need to carry the load against a rather lackluster Spurs defense. If he has a good night, he can lift his team past the Spurs, and the Celtics badly need this one. They can’t drop road games to teams that are way below .500. 


Celtics vs. Spurs betting lines  

Expectedly Boston is favored on the road, but it’s not by a lot as the line is only -2,5. That’s actually quite tempting as I think the Celtics, if they win, will win easily. The points are set at 216, which is where I expected them to be as well. An over is worth a thought. 

Free Betting Pick

Okay, so this match comes down to the Celtics. They are the superior team on paper and have been playing a lot better lately. Both Tatum and Brown should be good to go, and therein lies the key. If they play well and execute the game plan, they should easily win. Expect the Spurs to keep it close for the better part of the match, but Boston should be able to pull away late. 

When it comes to the points, I see this as an over. I like the Celtics better overall, but I tend to think the over is more realistic. 

BetUSASports Free Pick: Boston -2,5

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