NBA Betting Preview Celtics vs. Lakers

Whenever you see the green of the Celtics go against the gold of the Lakers, you know it’s going to be a great game. With the game in LA, expect many celebrities to stop by as well, which makes this a must-watch. But for those who enjoy the basketball side of LA more so than the glamour side, find out below how this might go.

Boston Celtics Betting Preview:

The Boston Celtics are a proud franchise that always aims for the highest of goals but even the most optimistic Celtics fans have realized by now that the team does not have what it takes to achieve the highest of goals. The team is kind of stuck in a limbo where they have a few very nice pieces but never can quite get the right mix around them. They are slowly playing better and currently have a 13-11 record that looks a lot better than the one they had two weeks ago. Injuries and COVID affected them so far, and things are turning around with the team finally healthy. 

The Celtics should make the playoffs, but they are far off from the best teams in the East, and it’s hard to see how they can challenge them. They might need Tatum to go on a higher level which seems possible but unlikely at the moment. Perhaps the team can unlock a new level of chemistry, but that will come down to the coach. On offense, it’s been slightly above average, which could be better and should be better. On defense, it’s been dead average, and that should certainly be better. It’s not great, but it’s better than it was, so fans will take it for now.


L.A. Lakers Betting Preview:

Where does one start with the Lakers? It’s been showtime, yet not the showtime old Lakers fans remember. Tons of injuries, missing time, positive covid tests, negative covid tests, in and out of the lineup; we have seen it all in the past few days. Not weeks, days. Some of that is to be expected with a team filled with veterans who could blow out their knee any given night, but a dose of professionalism was also expected. LeBron James is still doing James things, and with him, the Lakers look fairly good. Perhaps not a contender, but fairly good. The problem for the Lakers has been Anthony Davis. The super talented player is not playing a great season, he is not shooting it well, and when he is playing without James, the Lakers are losing games easily.

That’s a problem because you’d expect one of the franchise players to carry the load, especially if he is almost a decade younger. So far, it’s not been the case, but a good thing is that Westbrook is finding some form. He is playing a lot better, and it showing in his stats. So far, it’s been a mixed bag for the Lakers with a 12-12 record, but things should be better in the future as the team continues to play more games together. Vogel is a capable coach, but he will need time to figure it out. Not a lot of a time because they really don’t want to keep hovering around .500 for too long.

Key matchups

Tatum – James

So this one is rather clear. The best players on each team should carry the load in a matchup like this. About 20 days ago, the teams met in Boston, and the Celtics crushed them. Tatum was amazing in that match, clearly inspired by the occasion. He will be so once more, and he will need to be. James had a solid game as well in that one despite it being his first game back after a lengthy layoff. Expect a great battle once more. 

Schroder – Westbrook

The x-factor for the Celtics in that match was Dennis Schroder, who played a really good match against his former team. In his direct matchup, Westbrook had a very bad game, and since then, Westbrook has been a man on a mission. He has played far better, and that could swing this game. Schroder is no world-beater on defense, and if Westbrook can play bully ball, it could get interesting.


Celtics vs. Lakers betting lines  

As expected, the Lakers are slightly favored (2,5) as they are home. When it comes to the points, they are set at 217, which is interesting. I don’t think we will see that many points, but you never know; it depends on what type of game we get.

Free Betting Pick

The Lakers are home, and they should be all ready to go. In those circumstances, I clearly back them to win at home. They need to start winning some of these games before the season runs away, and at 2,5, I think it’s good value. Both James and Davis are GTD decisions, and if either doesn’t play, stay away. 

I personally would not touch the points because there are so many variables that go into it. Both the over and the under seems likely, and with the number at 217, I don’t trust it, at all. 

BetUSASports Free Pick: Lakers -2,5

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