NBA Betting Preview – Celtics vs. Bulls

Two teams who want the same thing have entered this season somewhat differently. The Boston Celtics playing host to the Chicago Bulls could end up being a playoff matchup down the line, that is, if the Celtics even make it. How will they do here? Let’s find out! 

Celtics Betting Preview:

It’s been a less than desirable start for the Boston Celtics this season. The team is trying to figure out numerous things with a new coach and a new system. Star players Tatum and Brown are not playing well at all, with Brown explaining recently that he still feels the effects of COVID. The team has a 2-4 record coming into this matchup and what’s really puzzling is that they have a 0-2 record on home. 

Their only two victories came over a solid Charlotte team and a very bad Rockets team. They lost both of the matches they played against the Wizard recently, and that team might be one they might need to beat out for a place in the playoffs. The offense hasn’t been the issue for Boston so far, with the team ranking firmly inside the top 10. That is quite something considering that neither Tatum nor Brown has really found their footing yet. The defensive side is proving very problematic, with the team ranking dead last in that category against a potent Bulls team that might be trouble.


Bulls Betting Preview:

The Chicago Bulls built quite a decent team on paper that was picked by many to be a fringe playoff team. So far, they have been outplaying their expectations by quite a bit, ranking first in the East with a 5-1 record. The team has clicked rather nicely, and Zach LaVine is finally proving he can play winning basketball. He desperately lacked quality teammates before, but now with several key additions, it’s looking much better. The Bulls are playing very good defense so far, ranking 4th overall in the League. The sample size is small, but the Bulls seem like a team slated to be a plus team on the defensive side. 

On offense, it’s not been quite the same thing as many picked this Bulls team to be one of the offensive juggernauts in the League. After all, there is a lot of scoring options between Lavine, DeRozan, Vucevic, and company. However, so far, they have been ranking in the middle of the table on that side of the ball, which might signal a lack of time to gel properly. What is key for the Bulls right now is that they play very hard every night, giving themselves a chance to win games.

Key matchups

Jaylen Brown – Zach LaVine 

Jaylen Brown has not felt himself lately after his positive COVID diagnosis, but the Celtic will have his hands full against LaVine. One of the most explosive scorers in the League that can hurt you with both his shooting and vertically will need to take up some of the load offensively against Boston. His matchup is a good defender, but it will largely depend on if Brown can keep up with LaVine. If he can, he will give his team a better chance of winning this match, and the Celtics desperately need this one. 


DeRozan – Tatum

Another great matchup will be the wings matchup between DeRozan and Tatum. Both of them are good players, but neither has excelled so far this season. In the last game, Tatum has been posting rather okay numbers with very inefficient shooting while DeRozan carved up the Jazz. If he can do that again, this might be a matchup that decides the game. 

Celtics- Bulls – betting lines 

Surprisingly, the Boston Celtics are 2,5 favorites in this match, indicating that these teams are equal. I’m not sure I agree, especially not after watching these teams play so far this season.

The points are set at 217, and that is a very tricky number to play around with. This game could be a low-scoring one or a high-scoring one, and it will largely depend on how it plays out. I tend to think the under is more likely considering the stakes, but you can never be sure with Boston’s defense. 

Free Betting Pick

The Celtics are favored here simply because they are playing at home. The TD Garden is a very hostile place to play, especially if you are the Bulls and history is firmly on the Celtics side. However, I do think the Bulls have a decent shot here. They are playing great defense, and that travels well. They have enough talent to expose the rather bad defense of Boston, and I think taking them +2,5 is a very good deal. 

When it comes to the points, I’m simply not sure. Both the under and over are equally plausible, even though I think the under is more likely considering all the circumstances. I would not bet on it, though, and I much prefer the Bulls as a team to cover 2,5 maybe even win outright. 

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