NBA Betting Preview Cavaliers vs. Wizards

A couple of unexpected teams in the upper half of the standings will face Cleveland as the Wizards visit the Cavs. Let’s find out who has the edge in this one. 

Cavaliers Betting Preview:

The Cleveland Cavaliers are over .500, which seems like a surprise to many, yet their play shows a team that competes hard every night and does not give away any free wins. If paired up with some talent, that will give you some results early. This season it’s been the usual suspects, Sexton scores, Garland does a little bit of everything, while Allen shows tremendous passion for the game with his all-around hustle. On an offense that equates to a bit of a below-average offensive team. 

On defense, it’s a similar story, yet they are trending upwards from the midsection of the ball, which proves they are playing very hard every night. Most NBA teams can play solid defense if they try, but it mostly comes down to effort. The Cavs are bringing it every night, and they will need that for the Wizards. They lost Collin Sexton for a few weeks to a meniscus tear, which will make things tricky, especially on offense, where his contribution was largest. 


Wizards Betting Preview:

The Wizards season so far has gone exactly the way management had hoped. That was the plan, at least when they made some of the moves they did, and they will be glad it’s working out so far. The team rallied around Bradley Beal, and with some solid backup play and veteran play, it’s coming along nicely for the Wizards. They hope they stay healthy, and if that is the case, we might be looking at a playoff team in Washington. 

The Wizards are an average defense team, which is very good considering how bad they were last season. Last season their matches regularly ended up in the high 230s and 240s, which is not something a playoff team allows consistently. With some good additions, the team is playing nicely on that side of the ball, which is enough for an average defense. The magic happens on offense as the team ranks as one of the better ones on that side of the ball. No surprise there with Beal, Dinwiddie, and other talented players contributing to that.

Key matchups

Beal – Garland


The guards of each team will go head to head in a matchup where one clearly has the advantage. As talented as Garland is, there is hardly anything he can do on offense than Beal can’t do better. The All-Star is a sharpshooter capable of hurting you in many different ways, and against Garland, he should have plenty of chances to do so. If he can erupt for a huge night, the Wizards will be in a great position to take this one on the road. 


Dinwiddie – Rubio 

This is an interesting one as both players are very talented offensively and not so much on the defensive side of the ball. Rubio has been playing amazing basketball all year long, and with Sexton out, he will have the chance to take over this team properly. Don’t be shocked if the Cavs take off even more with Rubio at the helm, as he is one of the most cerebral players in the game. 

Cavaliers vs. Wizards betting lines  

As expected, the Wizards are 3,5 points favorites which seem about right, especially with Sexton out. The points are set at 211, and there is a good reason for it, with many people not expecting too many points in this game. 

Free Betting Pick

The Wizards are a more talented team, there is no question about that, but the Cavs have been playing quite well recently. They will miss Sexton, but I think it won’t be so bad in the long run. Rubio is more than capable of improving the team over time, and don’t be surprised if the Cavs started playing better with him running the point the majority of the time. But when it comes to this matchup, I think there is good value on the Wizards. 

The points are set at 211, and there is a very good reason for it. I expected a bit more, which would have made me lean towards the under more, and while I do think the under is possible with this number, I’m not fully convinced. It screams under, but I prefer the Wizards as a team.

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