NBA Betting Preview Cavaliers vs. Celtics

Only a month ago, you would not believe that when the Cavs host the Celtics, it would be the Cavs with the better record. Well, that’s the case and let’s see if they can elevate themselves even more against the Celtics. 

Cavaliers Betting Preview:

It’s been a very good start to the season for the Cavaliers, who have played a very competitive brand of basketball. Several players are playing well, and the team is finding some consistency with their performances. Every night they bring their best effort, and that has been working so far for them. They are pretty good both at home and away, having actually scored more wins away from home. So how do they do it? Defense. The Cavs have the 2nd best defensive rating so far in the season, and while they may not be as good as the data indicates, they are still pretty good. 

They are playing very competitively on both sides of the ball and really committing to the schemes, which are helping a lot, especially at a time in the season when most teams don’t really play too much defense. Collin Sexton pushed the pace quite a bit, and they ranked as an average team offensively. Since Ricky Rubio took over, the pace has slowed down a bit, as has their offensive output. They are now below average, but the defense has been stellar. If they can keep it up, they might be fighting for a playoff spot which looked impossible before the start of the season. 


Celtics Betting Preview:

The struggle is real in Boston. It’s not as bad as in the first week, but the team has yet to find any form. One night they are brilliant, while on another, they are terrible. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is wrong with the team, but most of it has to come down to still trying to understand their roles. They have a new coach, he brought in new ideas and a new system, and it simply takes time to settle all of that. There is enough talent on the roster for them to be a playoff team, but players have underperformed so far. 

Nonetheless, the team has some impressive wins there, such as against the Bucks, Heat, and Raptors. Offensively they rank in the middle of the League, which is not good enough when you have an offensive weapon like Jayson Tatum. He played okay so far, but there is clearly another level he could go to. Same with Jaylen Brown, and they will need to do that to go where they want to go. Defensively it’s been a lot better lately, and they are not one of the worse teams in the League. They certainly can improve on that part a bit more, and if they do, they will improve their record as well.

Key matchups

Garland – Brown

This is a pretty easy one as Garland has played really well since Sexton went down. The shooting guard does way better when paired up with Ricky Rubio, as it has shown lately. Going up against Brown will be a struggle for him as he will need to try and contain him, which doesn’t seem likely. On the other hand, Brown has the tools to contain Garland if he tries, so it will be an interesting matchup to observe in the match. 


Rubio – Tatum

While not a direct matchup, it will almost certainly determine who will win the match. Rubio has been playing amazing lately, shooting the ball extremely well (40 % on 3’s), and he will need to continue to do that if he wants to lead the Cavs to the playoffs. Tatum has been okay so far, and he will need to be on his best if he wants to lead the Celtics to victory. Playing this Cavs defense is no joke, and he will need to stay ready. 

Cavaliers vs. Celtics betting lines  

As expected, Boston is favored by 2,5, and I agree with this line because I think the Celtics will win. The narrow defeat will motivate them further, and I think the line is fair. The points are set at 199, which is quite low, but the line is influenced by the previous match that went way below that line.

Free Betting Pick

This will be the 2nd time these teams play in a couple of days, with Cleveland’s first one being won. The Celtics played and shot better, but they committed nine turnovers more, which clearly hurt them. I expect a similarly close match, but I would actually favor the Celtics here. I think they can come out strong and get revenge for a game they should have won a couple of days ago. Take the Celtics.

When it comes to the points, I leaned under until I saw the line. 199 is quite low, and I don’t want to bet under there. I will back the Celtics and skip over the points because I don’t like this line at all. An under is possible but so is the over.

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