NBA Betting Preview Bucks vs. 76iers

A brilliant matchup between the home Sixers and the visiting Bucks is on the menu, and it’s a good one. Both teams will want to win this one but which Team has the edge in this spot, let’s find out. 

76iers Betting Preview:

No Simmons, no problem for Philadelphia, who plays some very good basketball early on in the season. A very good record despite facing quite a few issues with the Team signals the Team’s strength and solid depth. Doc Rivers is doing a solid job of keeping things together amidst many issues, and one of the key components of that has been Seth Curry. The lesser-known Curry has been lighting it up so far in the year, and the Sixers would not be here without him.

There is the usual suspect Joel Embiid who has been good but not great so far. The Team has one of the better offenses in the league right now, which speaks volumes to their chemistry. Some shooters are shooting it well right now, and despite not yet fielding a fully healthy roster, Philly is looking dangerous. They also have a very good defense which was expected with players such as Embiid and Thybulle. Not having Simmons on that side of the ball hurts, but they were able to overcome it. Whether Ben returns to Philly or not remains to be seen, but even without him, the Team is good. 


Bucks Betting Preview:

The Milwaukee Bucks have a negative record so far this season, and while that might surprise some, it can be explained. There are no reasons to sound the alarm as important players have missed some time early in the season, and when they become fully healthy, they will take off. Some unserious approaches like the one against Miami hurt them, but Giannis as the superstar, expect this Team to adopt a humble and hungry nature rather quickly. 

They have ranked in the middle offensively so far, but that’s normal for a team that is missing a couple of key players. Their 2nd option Middleton has missed time, and when his efficient scoring is back, expect the offense to improve and become more fluid. The defense has been average as well, which again can be explained by players missing time. Jrue Holiday has missed some time as well, and he is one of their most important players on that side of the ball. Once the Team starts playing with a fully healthy roster, things will improve.

Key matchups

Aantetokounmpo – Embiid

This was the matchup that everyone wanted to see, but it won’t happen as Joel entered Health & Safety protocols. That means that Andre Drummond will have to take some of those responsibilities of guarding Giannis. He does some of the same things Embiid does, but he is much slower, and his defense is not that good. Expect Giannis to have a field day.  


Curry – Holiday

Another interesting matchup should be the one between Curry and Holiday. Curry has been shooting the ball very well so far, but the proper test will be going against one of the best defenders in the league. Holiday has the speed to keep up with Curry on the blocks, and if he can limit the lesser-known Curry, Milwaukee will fancy its chances. 

Bulls vs. Nets betting lines  

The Bucks are 6 points favorites on the road simply because Joel Embiid will miss the game. The line heavily moved after the news came out and only naturally. Without Embiid, the Sixers don’t have anything against Giannis, and his impact simply can’t be replaced. 

Interestingly the points are set at 222, which seems a bit high considering that Embiid is missing, but on the other hand, it should allow Milwaukee to score at will. Drummond is a big body, but that’s about it. 

Free Betting Pick

There is only one way to go here, and that’s with the Bucks. I find it really hard to believe the Sixers can stay with the Bucks with only Curry and company. They lack defense, they lack size, and they lack their leader on the court. Even an injury-ridden Bucks team should have enough to win this match. Will they cover remains to be seen, but it’s more likely than the Sixers keeping it close, even in Wells Fargo. 

When it comes to the points, I am not sure where to go. The line is set at 222, which kind of makes sense if you think the Bucks should have a really easy time scoring. Drummond is a statue down below, and Giannis can attack all day. My concern is whether the Sixers can put up over 100 points. They might need to shoot the ball really well for that, and I’m not sure they will do it.

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