NBA Betting Preview – Blazers vs. Pacers

Two struggling teams will face off as the home Blazers welcome the visiting Pacers. Both teams have a negative record, and both have performed below expectations so far, so it remains to be seen how this matchup will turn out. Either way, it’s a very important match for both teams. 

Blazers Betting Preview:

The Portland Trail Blazers are back in full capacity, yet the result is not much different. The team is still not playing too well so far this season, and that is directly tied to their best players not playing their best. There is a new coach there who never coached before, but the team is pretty much the same. They should not struggle as much as they have so far, but they have. 

Truth be told, their schedule has not been that kind, but losses such as the one against Cleveland should be avoided. The team is above average on offense, scoring better and more efficiently than most. The defense obviously remains a problem, with the team ranking below average on that side of the ball, which hinders them the most. Unless they become an above-average defensive team, they will always struggle against more talented teams. 


Pacers Betting Preview:

Many thought the Pacers season couldn’t be any worse than last year, but they have been proving people wrong so far. The Pacers are not playing good basketball at all, having a 3-6 record as well as an 0-4 record on the road. Carlisle is a good coach, yet he is yet to show anything of note with a team that is not one of the most talented, but there is enough there to be a .500 team. The defense is atrocious and among the worst in the league.

There is enough talent to play solid defense there, yet the effort is just not there. They are allowing teams to score easily, and they simply can’t make it up on the offensive end. Despite being a top 10 offense, the Pacers are simply leaking too much on the other side of the ball. However, there is reason to be positive. They have an active 2-game winning streak beating both New York and San Antonio at home. They will need to keep winning matches, but some will need to come on the road. A match in Portland could be a good opportunity.

Key matchups

Lillard – Brogdon

Both Trae Young and Mike Conley had very good outings in their last matches, scoring over 20. Their matchup will be Obviously, Damian Lillard is the best player for the Blazers. He was just named in the top 75 players in NBA history, and no matter how controversial that selection is, nobody can deny the talent. It’s been a bit of a struggle for Lillard so far this season, as his shooting has diminished quite a bit. He does put up points, but he is not as efficient anymore. That is a chance for Brogdon to play some good defense on him while also exposing him on defense. If Brogdon can win this matchup for Indiana, it would be a huge deal for the team looking for their first win on the road. 


Nurkic – Turner

Myles Turner is a very good defender, and he will need to play some smashing defense against Jusuf Nurkic if the Pacers hope to secure the win. Nurkic has been playing okay so far this season, but a big body down below can create a lot of trouble, especially for Sabonis. That is why Turner will need to keep him in check to give Sabonis enough room to operate. 

Blazers vs. Pacers betting lines  

The Utah Jazz is a one-point favorite on the road, which is expected considering they are supposed to be the superior t3,5 points favor the Blazers at home, and that seems about right. That home crowd might just be what gets them over the hump, especially with the Pacers losing all road games this season so far. The points are set at 222, and that’s no surprise as this match has over-written all over it. 

Free Betting Pick

As expected, the Blazers are favored at home and by a decent margin. It’s because they are essentially a more talented team. There are question marks about the coaching and defense, but their talent is superior to that of the Pacers. At home, that should be enough to win this match. Whether they win by four or more is a bit tricky to gauge. I could see the Pacers keep this close, so I’d actually take the moneyline here. 

When it comes to the points, it’s 222 for a reason. Neither team plays good defense; both actually play very bad defense. There is enough talent on the offense to push this over the limit. It just comes down to whether the teams play well; if they do, it’s an over; if they don’t, it’s an under. Either way, the over is the way to go here. 

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