NBA Betting Preview 76ers vs. Kings

The 76ers are sliding without Joel Embiid, but can they stop the bleeding in Sacramento when they visit the Kings, who are having a meltdown of their own? Possibly but let’s find out how they match up first.

Sacramento Kings Betting Preview:

The Sacramento Kings have seen better days, but those days are long gone, with the team currently having a 6-11 record after dropping multiple games in the past two weeks. Coach Luke Walton got the blame and fired, ending his fairly unsuccessful stretch as the Kings Head Coach. Walton finishes with a rather poor record 68-93 as head coach, but the funny thing is that he is actually the 3rd winningest coach in King’s history. That’s how bad it has been, and it’s been like that for years. This year looks like another lost one as the team is going nowhere. Alvin Gentry will take over for now, but that does not really make anyone believe things will change much.

Gentry likes to play a fast-paced system which is what the Kings have been playing anyway with Fox at the helm, so not much will change. That system does not really work for this team as they simply do not play good enough defense, and they get exposed against good teams. They are one of the worst teams on that side of the ball. Offensively they are fairly decent, but what do 109 points per game get you when the opponent scores regularly over 110. It gets you losses, and there has been a lot of them recently. The sinking Sixers present a solid opportunity to right that but will the Kings show up?


Philadelphia 76ers Betting Preview:

The Sixers started the season off impressively, with the team playing some very good basketball on both sides of the ball. Offensively it’s been good with Curry red-hot, and on defense, it’s been good as well, thanks to the play of Embiid and Thybulle. Both players have been out for a while, and the Sixers expectedly took a hit. The offense is simply not good enough anymore due to the lack of talent, and the defense is not there again because of the lack of talent. Embiid is the most important player on the Sixers roster and an MVP candidate when in form, so the dip in form and results were expected. 

The slide saw the Sixers fall down to an average offensive team, which happened on defense. They lost 4 of the last five they played, and most of those losses were not even that close. That being said, it’s important to note that this rough stretch is coming mostly on the road, which does not help their cause. An impressive win over Denver snuck in there, so there are signs of life. They will need another good performance like that one if they want to win against the Kings, who are in desperation mode.

Key matchups

Fox – Maxey 

Fox has been one of the more important players for the Kings, and when he plays well, the Kings usually do well. Recently it’s been of a rough stretch for Fox, who has not been very consistent in his play. Barnes and Holmes are more consistent on a nightly basis, and that’s a problem for the Kings. The point guard will need to outplay Maxey of the Sixers if the Kings hope to win this match, and they need to win this match because their season is slipping away.


Barnes – Harris

With Embiid out, Tobias Harris has been an important factor for the Sixers. On most nights, the forward take most shots and carries the scoring load that was expected. He has been playing better lately, and he will need a good performance to lift the Sixers over the Kings. Barnes has been quite consistent as well, and if he outplays Harris in this matchup, the Kings will have a very good shot at the W.

Kings vs. 76ers betting lines  

Interestingly enough, the Kings are favored in this matchup simply because they are at home and are in desperation mode. The Sixers are losing matches on the road pretty much every night, and it’s rather expected they do so again. When it comes to the points, they are set at 216 which is expected considering the Kings play quickly. 

Free Betting Pick

Okay, so I’m going to side with the Sixers here as I believe they can win outright. The win over Denver was impressive, and I think they can do it again with a similar performance. Fundamentally they are a sounder team than the Kings, who are in freefall, and I don’t think the coaching change will have a dramatic impact so soon. There is a chance the Kings respond well, so be careful with this one.

When it comes to the points, I think backing the over is probably a solid bet. The Kings love to push the ball, and if Philly keeps up, I can see to the over here. Neither bet is my favorite, so be careful about both of these. I would not bet highly on either.

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