Betting Team Totals

Betting Team Totals

Betting on totals is a common practice of the NFL betting experience every week. And team totals are a fun twist on totals betting, as bettors can focus on just one team and their performance throughout a game. In this quick look at NFL team totals, we will see what team totals are and why they are a better wager than full-game totals sometimes.

What are Team Totals

Team totals are an over/under bet just for one of the teams playing in an American football game. Teams are assigned their correspondent totals based on the projected scoring they are expected to do throughout a game. As expected, teams with more potent offenses tend to see higher team totals than teams that rely only on their defense to win NFL games.

For example, the total for both teams combined in an NFL game might be 52.5 points. But the team total will be distributed between the two teams, with one team potentially having a team total of 28 and the other a total of 24.5. Team totals are distributed between the two teams to include the same points difference in the point spread for each game.

Benefits to Team Totals

The most significant benefit to NFL team totals is that bettors do not have to be concerned about the offense of the two teams when handicapping this market. Bettors can completely zero in on one side, which rewards bettors knowledgeable about the strengths and weaknesses of particular teams within the league. Those bettors should identify when team totals are too high or too low for the teams they follow closely.

Also beneficial when wagering on team totals because the point spread is not a factor in this market. A team can disappoint to cover the spread in a back-and-forth type of game or cover the spread in a one-sided blowout. However, if the scored points are enough to go over their team total or don’t score that many points and stay under that total, that is all that matters.

What to Remember When Wagering on Team Totals

The most crucial thing for bettors to remember when wagering on NFL team totals is that tempo is a massive factor in determining their outcome. Even the most potent offenses in the National Football League could decide to slow things down in a given week, which would affect how many points they can score during that game. Identifying the tempo a team will run in a game is often a deciding factor when making this kind of wager.

Another significant factor to consider when betting team totals is the match-up a team has against a particular team. For example, even the most potent offense in the league can be slowed down by a team with a good pass rush. Identifying mismatches that could either increase a team’s scoring or decrease their scoring is a great way to find value in this market.

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