What Does Rollover Mean in Sports Betting?

Choosing which bookmaker to patronize is becoming harder due to their large number. For this reason, several sportsbooks offer attractive bonuses and load their sites with impressive promotions, bonus bets, extra bets, and risk-free gambling in a bid to become top picks for bettors. This is why it’s important to understand the rollover meaning in Sports Betting.

However, winning a bonus is one thing; claiming such a bonus requires that you wager your winning with a rollover. What does a rollover mean in sports betting? How can bookmakers or bettors use it to their advantage? Let’s find out in this short article.


Meaning of a Rollover

A rollover is a betting requirement that bettors must bet before cashing out their bonus and deposited funds. It exists so that the clients cannot claim the free deposit bonus that the sportsbook offers on the first deposit.

However, some sportsbooks offer rollovers that prevent the customers from claiming their bonus. They are very attractive initially, but you will realize that you may never claim your bonus when you do the math.

Requirements for a Rollover Bonus

Every sportsbook has a set of requirements that must be met before a bettor can get hold of their bonus winnings. Also known as wagering requirements, some bookies make theirs more open than others. If you don’t fully know about them and how they work, you will not take advantage of the bonus.

These requirements are usually written in small print when you take the welcome bonus. You will notice that every bonus has a number attached to it, always in the form of a multiple. It might be 5x rollover, 10x, or even 50x rollover, but they all mean the same thing.

The attached number is the number of times you will stake the bonus cash given to you before any winnings from the bonus cash can be withdrawn.

While some sportsbooks are forthright with their rollover requirements, some offshore books have ridiculous requirements. They hide them deep in their terms of service. Some legal sportsbooks also do this same thing; however, they do not call it a rollover.

Sportsbook bettors must always be aware of these requirements before depositing because of how important these requirements are.

How to Calculate Rollover Bonus

Taking a $100 cash bonus and a 5x rollover as an example, it means that when a deposit of $100 is made, $100 is awarded to the bettor. However, this bonus cannot be withdrawn until a 5x rollover is completed from the deposit and bonus. This means that on getting the $200, a bet of $1000 has to be made for a withdrawal to be possible.

Every sportsbook has its own unique rules, so each betting site offers various rollovers. Added rules such as the type of bet you can make, or a time limit for withdrawal to be made, are found on different platforms.

Rollover Betting Tips

There are some ways to increase your chances of fulfilling your rollover requirements. They are;

  • Always calculate the rollover amount before taking a bonus
  • You should consider the rollover number and how long you have to cash out
  • Taking rollovers of smaller bonuses can be a great strategy


In conclusion, most times, rollover bonuses are too huge to ignore. However, before you take them on, you need to consider whether you can fulfill all the rollover requirements.


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