Top 5 Most Bet on Sports in 2021

Online sports bettors have a range of options to choose from when deciding which sports to bet on. However, bettors choose some sports as their favorite and will go all out to splash their hard-earned money on them ahead of others. Here are the Top 5 Most Bet on Sports in 2021:

Which are the most bet on sports, and why do players often prefer to go for them when betting? Our research found that for certain reasons of huge return on investment and great fun, bettors give the following sports a preferential nod:

1. Football

Whatever happens, the entire world often stands still for football, and it’s no surprise it’s coming atop our list of the most bet on sports. Whether from the perspective of the profit it yields or the incredible betting experience it offers, football is the go-to guy, making it to the top of our 5 most bet on sports in 2021.

Besides being one of the best sports to watch and bet on, football provides an incredible selection of the most consistent competitive odds and market lines. Football offers bookies, rookie bettors, and veterans the greater chance to win a lot of money in real-time. In addition, football betting boasts a wide selection of bonus and promotional offers.

Some of its notable markets include match odds, correct score, double chance, draw no bet, Moneyline, both teams to score, Over and Under, and more.

Why choose football betting?

  • Amazing promotion and bonus offers
  • Highly profitable 
  • Wide variety of competitive odds
  • The NFL season is one of the most waited events in the United States.

Why not football betting?

  • Market range can sometimes be overwhelming
  • Chances of losing

2. Horseracing

Come rain, come shine, horseracing will always come atop the list of the best sports to bet on. It has become a bettors’ sport due to the fantastic opportunities it offers. Its exclusive BIG promotions give horseracing a special strategy status and place in the heart of bettors worldwide.

What’s more, horseracing is about the only sport with the widest coverage, thanks to its live streaming and real-time betting experience. Besides, the great number of competitors and the epic variety of markets make horseracing the sport to beat.

Why Horseracing betting?

  • Wider coverage
  • Live streaming option
  • Excusive promotions

Why not Horseracing betting?

  • Winning requires deep study of the market

3. Tennis

It’ll sound odd to mention the most sports to bet on without reference to tennis, a sport with arguably the most exciting. This usually one-on-one romantic sport has cornered the hearts of many sports lovers and fans all over the world. The mention of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, or Rafael Nadal sends a chill down everyone’s spine.

Away from romance and excitement, tennis also boasts amazingly competitive odds on some of the greatest sports events, contests, and tournaments. These include the Australian Open, French Open, US Open, Wimbledon Open, and more. That’s not all. Tennis betting also supports live streaming. It’s no surprise it’s occupying the third spot on our list.

Why Tennis betting?

  • Great excitement 
  • Allows live coverage and streaming
  • Doesn’t require strict licensing
  • Amazing markets spread across games and events

Why not Tennis betting?

  • Offers only a 50/50 lose-win bet

4. Rugby

Rugby also ranks highly on our list of the most sports to bet on. This England-originated sport has become fans’ favorites across many countries due to its distinct and unique features that include a blend of physicality, tactics, and fun. Besides, Rugby offers a wide range of markets to newbies and established bettors.

Why Rugby betting?

  • Great passion, action and fun
  • Wide selection of local and international tournaments
  • Over and Under markets

Why not Rugby betting?

  • Limited coverage

5. Cricket

Have you ever found your teeth sunk in a sporting betting event before? Then, try the Innings Run, Coin Toss Winner, or Team of Top Bowler on Ashes Series. Cricket is a sport that comes with a lot of creativity and excitement, thanks to its multiple forms and amazing strategy. 

You can choose which cricket you want to stake on, thanks to its terrific selection of cricket markets and competitive odds. Cricket betting also offers great options for an improved betting experience, and it doesn’t matter whether you lose or win.

Why Cricket betting?

  • Smart and strategic selection of markets
  • Great creativity and depth
  • Blends fun with profit

Why not cricket betting?

  • Limited coverage

What To Consider in Choosing the Most Bet on Sport

The most bet on sports on our list have a few things in common. These are the features you must be looking for when deciding which sports to bet your money on. Here’s a highlight of those features:

Market range: Bettors love to bet on sports that offer a wide variety of markets. The more the markets, the higher the chance of winning. A sport won’t get the needed traction if it lacks a market range where players can choose from.

Availability on bookies: You’ll also notice that all the sports on this list are readily available to all the top operators and bookmakers around. You won’t have to scramble for them. They pop up with dedicated sections on the bookie’s sites.

Quality of odds: How varied and competitive are the odds a sport offers. Most bet on sports avail bettors at different levels of odds.

Promotional offers: Bookies have exclusive offers and promotions on most bets on sports.


The thing is that each of the most bet on sports listed above has dominance in the gaming industry for decades. While they offer attractive bonuses and promotions, they still all require intelligent research before you stake on them.   

With this information in mind, we can make an informed decision as we look to start or continue our betting venture. You may also find interest in sports such as MMA/UFC, E-Sports, NBA, NFL, NCAA, Aussie Rules, and others. They are all available with their respective odds and markets.

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