How To Find A Trustable Sportsbook

The world of online sports betting features a large amount of cash flow. This has caused it to be a top pick for fraudulent activities. Due to the continual effort of fraudsters, it is getting harder to differentiate authentic sportsbooks from fraudulent ones. We want to help you find a trustable Sportsbook.

Picking the right bookie requires time and research. Failure to research a betting platform can cause you to lose a lot of cash.

Although there are many scam sportsbooks, it does not mean that you cannot locate the trustable ones. This guide features some factors to look out for in identifying a trustable sportsbook.

Good Online Reviews on Sports Betting Forums

As a newbie to a sportsbook platform, reading reviews about the site before making a deposit is advisable. Positive or negative reviews are written by bettors who have patronized the sportsbook. These reviews can contain information on the payout process or user interface of the site. Good online reviews about a sportsbook are one of the signs of knowing if it is trustable.

Identifiable License Agreement

This is one of the most important features you should look for when searching for a trustable sportsbook. A license agreement is the primary identification of a sportsbook that does legal business. In the United Kingdom, this license comes from the UK Gambling Commission. You can also rely on licenses from Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao Gaming Control Board. A few of other countries issue betting licenses through their regulatory authorities.

Some standards must be attained before bookmakers can obtain a license. When a license is obtained, it shows protections in place to prevent crime and protect customers.

The footer of a sportsbook page usually contains a statement about where its license is from and sometimes its license number.

Fully Operational Website

Authentic sportsbook sites have user interfaces that are professional and fast. Whether betting Is done on desktop computers, laptops, or mobile devices, non-functioning pages should not be found on their website. So if you are clicking around at a sportsbook and some pages are not functioning or responsive, you are probably on a second-rate website.

Trustable sportsbooks ensure that their customers have an enjoyable experience at their website through its smooth operation.

Contact Information

All authentic sportsbooks provide their clients with various ways that the company can be contacted, including all necessary information about them. Contact information, including customer support lines, is provided for customers to make complaints or report problems.

In scam sportsbook sites, this information is not provided or wrong when displayed. Limited details are also provided to deceive clients. So when looking for a trustable sportsbook, you must check out its contact information.

Bonuses Offered

Legitimate sportsbooks offer reasonable bonuses of 20% welcome deposit bonus or 100% deposit bonuses with 5x rollover. These bonuses are meant to attract customers but are not easy to cash out. Fraudulent sportsbooks also employ this same method but with outrageous bonuses. If you see a $500 no deposit-up bonus or a bonus without rollover, the sportsbook is most likely a fraudulent one.

No authentic sportsbook will offer such unrealistic bonuses to bettors. So you can discern a trustable sportsbook from a fraudulent one by the bonuses that it offers. Check out our brand reviews here.


Betting with real money with the hope of making a profit is fun when betting at a trusted sportsbook platform. By looking out for the signs mentioned above, you can ensure that your sportsbook is trustworthy.

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