World Series Odds Update Halfway Through The Season

The first half of the season is now behind us and there are many surprises that have shaken up the MLB Future Odds for the World Series. There are several teams that were anticipated to compete for a divisional title, not even in the wildcard picture and there are several teams that were considered to be in a rebuilding season that are competing for divisional titles. In this article, we will look at the teams that have changed due to their play over the course of the first half of the season.

The first team we are looking at is the New York Yankees. The Yankees opened up at 25-1 at the beginning of the year and were talked about routinely as being in a rebuilding year. The Yankees are in second place in the AL East and are currently the top team for the AL Wild Card. Their odds have dropped to 12-1 due to their positive play and their powerful offensive lineup.

Probably the biggest surprise this year is without a doubt the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers opened up at 100-1 with very limited experts giving them any sort of chance to compete this year. Milwaukee can now be found as low as 16-1 and are the leaders in the National League Central Division.

The Minnesota Twins are another team that experts gave little respect to due to lack of pitching this year. The Twins opened up at 100-1 and are now listed as 33-1. The Twins are in 2nd place in the American League Central Division. The Twins lack pitching and their bullpen is completely a mess but their offense can keep them in many games.

A team that you’re hoping you didn’t load up on this year is the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox opened at 60-1 but are now listed at between 250-1 and 500-1 with little to no chance of making the playoffs. The White Sox are tied for last place in the AL Central Division.

Another team that has fallen from stardom is the Baltimore Orioles. The O’s opened up at 20-1 at the beginning of the year and have now dropped all the way to 60-1, and can be found as high as 80-1. The Orioles were in first place for the first 43 games of the year but then began to drop in the AL East standings and now find themselves in 4th place, 8.5 games out.

Below is a complete listing of all MLB Teams and where they currently stand with odds:

Team Current Odds Opening Odds
Arizona Diamondbacks 13/1 100/1
Atlanta Braves 80/1 100/1
Baltimore Orioles 60/1 20/1
Boston Red Sox 5/1 10/1
Chicago Cubs 7/2 3/1
Chicago White Sox 250/1 60/1
Cincinnati Reds 250/1 100/1
Cleveland Indians 6/1 12/1
Colorado Rockies 16/1 60/1
Detroit Tigers 80/1 20/1
Houston Astros 4/1 12/1
Kansas City Royals 30/1 30/1
LA Angels 60/1 100/1
LA Dodgers 4/1 10/1
Miami Marlins 100/1 40/1
Milwaukee Brewers 16/1 100/1
Minnesota Twins 33/1 100/1
New York Mets 58/1 12/1
New York Yankees 12/1 25/1
Oakland Athletics 350/1 100/1
Philadelphia Phillies 350/1 100/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 55/1 30/1
San Diego Padres 350/1 100/1
San Francisco Giants 350/1 16/1
Seattle Mariners 60/1 25/1
St. Louis Cardinals 33/1 20/1
Tampa Bay Rays 40/1 60/1
Texas Rangers 50/1 16/1
Toronto Blue Jays 38/1 14/1
Washington Nationals 6/1 10/1