Super Bowl Props – Which Quarterback Can Keep His Jersey Clean the Longest – Peyton Manning or Russell Wilson?

Super Bowl props during Super Bowl week are about as plentiful as those “imitation” watches you can buy from vendors on almost every street corner of New York City during a bust day (they haven’t busted all those guys already, have they?). Of course, there’s still something real about those watches, and something VERY real about the props. We found ourselves unable to resist partaking in either one, and at WagerWeb we find more of them than practically anywhere else.

One of these involves sacks, and that often becomes a factor in game play, especially when a quarterback who is normally protected extremely well winds up facing a barrage of pressure that turns his precision passing game into something of a fiasco of bad timing. That upset Tom Brady to no end in Super Bowl 42, as he was sacked five times and harassed from start to finish. In that game, the Giants threw a monkey wrench into a record-setting offense. What surprises might the Seattle Seahawks have in store for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos?

Which team’s defense will record the first QB sack? That is the question asked by WagerWeb as the thrust of one of their Super Bowl props. Here are the numbers:

Denver Broncos -135
Seattle Seahawks -105

Let’s take a look at what this prop actually means. When you look at Denver priced at -135, what it’s telling you is that there is a 57.4% chance that they will record the first sack of the game. Meanwhile, if you want to back the Seahawks you are banking on the fact that there is value in the proposition that there is a 51.2% chance that THEY will be the first once record a sack.

There is some ammunition on the Seattle side, we suppose, since they recorded 44 quarterback sacks on the season. That is not a paltry total; in fact, it was tied for eighth in the NFL this season. Denver, however, was not far behind them, with 41. But frankly, the real question here isn’t which team is more aggressive in GETTING sacks, but which team is more effective in PREVENTING sacks from happening. That is the key to picking a winner in this Super Bowl prop.

Russell Wilson, quarterback of the Seahawks, is, one supposes, part of that “new breed” of quarterbacks in that he appears to be very effective with the ball when he is running with it. And therefore, it stands to reason that he would be more elusive when it comes to avoiding a pass rush. But actually, the opposite is true. Football bettors at WagerWeb who have followed the Seahawks and Wilson this season know that when we include playoff numbers, he has been sacked 51 times this season. That actually translates to one sack for every 8.8 passing attempts. That’s pretty frequent.

Of course, we have seen Wilson in action, and we know that he is indeed very nimble and very resourceful. Yet, he is sacked so often. Why? Well, it comes down to his decision-making. It is just not as quick at this stage of his career as he would like it to be. And so he finds himself holding the ball a bit too long. There may be some positives in this, especially if doing so minimizes the chances of interceptions. But still, there is no way a quarterback with his athleticism should be sacked so much.

Then you can look at Peyton Manning, who would surprise everybody if he actually had more than one positive rushing attempt in this game. Manning is not now, nor has he ever been, one of the more mobile quarterbacks in the NFL. Of course, as a very smart signal-caller and a veteran, he knows how to buy time in the pocket, but even that is not his most useful quality, or the one we look at one we analyze this Super Bowl prop at WagerWeb. Would we know is that he has this clock in his head and knows exactly how long he has to release the ball. That is why with over 700 passing attempts on the season (738, to be exact, including playoffs), he has been sacked only 18 times.

Yes, EIGHTEEN times.

That most definitely takes someone special, particularly when you consider that Manning had one of the best left tackles in the business – Ryan Clady – go down with a season-ending injury rather early in the season. This team was able to incorporate a new tackle, Chris Clark, into the protection scheme and has continued on like nothing ever happened. It is that kind of experience you will be taking into this game and this Super Bowl prop when you take the Denver side.

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