Super Bowl Betting – Breaking Down the Offensive Numbers For the Broncos

Broncos Offense

By almost any measure, Super Bowl bettors acknowledge that what the Denver Broncos were able to achieve this season on offense was remarkable. They scored more points than any team ever has in one season (606). Their quarterback (Peyton Manning) had more passing yards than anyone else (5477) and threw for more touchdowns (55) and he was sacked only 18 times in 18 games. No less than four different receivers caught 10 or more touchdown passes. This was a juggernaut without question, and it requires a much closer look.

This is the current Super Bowl betting line as it is currently posted at

Denver Broncos -2
Seattle Seahawks +2

Over 48 points -110
Under 48 points -110

The Broncos gained 6.3 yards per play this season, which enabled them to Situations than most teams. That was certainly a factor in their very high third-down conversion rate of 46.3%. When Denver got to the red zone, it was the best team in the league, scoring a touchdown 76% of the time. And the five touchdown drives they were able to mount in the two playoff wins over San Diego in New England averaged 12 plays a piece. That represents control of the ball and control of the clock, and that is a side many NFL bettors probably didn’t realize the Broncos had.

According to the website, which compiles all kinds of statistics that might be football’s equivalent to sabermetrics, the Broncos ranked first in the NFL this season in points per drive, with 2.98. They also finished second in terms of yards per drive, with 38.22, behind only the San Diego Chargers, who led the league at 40.13. Their “Drive Success Rate” was best in the NFL, at .782, meaning that on 78.2% of their drives the achieved either a first down or a touchdown.

What might be interesting to customers is that their time of possession per drive was only 23rd in the league, but Super Bowl bettors know that they improved on that in the post-season, as they play ball-control against both New England and San Diego, having an advantage of eleven minutes against both. By the way, if you want to put in a word for the Denver defense, they were able to quite nicely handle two of the seven most efficient offenses in the league during the postseason, as San Diego was first in yards per drive and New England was seventh.

That’s not to say the Seahawks can’t counter any of the Denver offensive efficiency.

In terms of the average line of scrimmage that it team started to drive that, Seattle was sixth in the league as on average, their opponents started just shy of the 26 yard line. Denver was 14th in that category at 27.4, which means that opponents on average began their drives just beyond the 27 yard line. Seattle came up very big and other defensive categories, however. They allowed only 1.22 points per drive, and achieved .201 turnovers per drive and .156 interceptions per drive. All of these figures ranked #1 in the league.

And Denver’s offense slowed down after the halfway point of the regular season, if you use points per game as the sole barometer. The Broncos racked up 42.9 points a game over their first eight, but scored only 31.3 ppg over their last ten. Those who have visions of a 40-point outing by this Denver team may be somewhat disappointed, but if you insist….you can take advantage of some of these Super Bowl props that appear at

Total Touchdowns Scored by Denver +500
Over 23.5 Points Scored by Denver -145
Denver Winning Margin by 19-24 Points +1245
Over 53.5 Points in Game +169

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