NHL Betting Preview: New York Rangers vs. Montreal Canadians- May 19th, 2014

The New York Rangers have continued a hot impressive run, as they started off their series against the Montreal Canadiens with a major bang, beating them 7-2 on the Canadiens’ home ice. This was a brutal Game 1 for the Canadiens, and now they have to bounce back and grab a home win before heading on the road. They really struggled in Game 1, and allowed seven power play opportunities, while the Rangers converted on three of those. Game 2 is set though, and it will start at 8:00pm EST on Monday night.

The Rangers come into this game feeling very good about how they played, just as any team would who just scored seven goals in a single game. They also had 28 shots on goal, and just six total penalty minutes. They played smart, fast, and great all-around hockey, which the Canadiens really weren’t able to keep up with. Seeing nine goals in a hockey game is pretty crazy, and we shouldn’t expect it again, but the Rangers’ offense was just firing in Game 1

On the other side, the Canadiens just couldn’t do anything. They had three power play opportunities and couldn’t convert on any of them, but did score a shorthanded goal if you’re looking for a bright spot. They had a total of 24 penalty minutes, which really did hurt them. The power play goals alone that they gave up would have been enough to beat them, but the Rangers just kept tacking them on. The Canadiens badly need to find some defense in this one if they want to have a shot in this series.

Rangers’ Offense

In all honesty, if the Rangers play like they did in Game 1 for the rest of this series I’m not sure how they lose. The key to their success was just all-around great offense. They got goals from seven different players, and this team showed us exactly how unselfish they really are with some excellent passing to build up to the goals. The Rangers’ offense is definitely the story.


While the Canadiens did just get smashed in Game 1 of the series, I fully expect to see a bounce back situation here. The real reason for this is because if the Canadiens leave their home ice without a win, then this series is all but over. Montreal is more than strong enough to get a win, and they’ll be all out on Monday. It’s going to be a close one, but I’ll take the Canadiens and their betting odds of -135 to win the game.

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