NBA Playoff Betting — Troubled Pacers Lays Points to Hawks in Game 3

One can’t help but get the feeling that the Indiana Pacers have crashed the party somehow, even though they are the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference. They don’t look like any NBA playoff bettor’s idea of a potential world champion, and even though they accomplished one of their objectives, which was to secure home court advantage throughout the conference playoffs, they appear to be a a team that was almost cursed by it.

The Pacers actually lost the first game of their opening round playoff series to the Atlanta Hawks, and while they came back to even the score in Game 2, they have to go to a building where they scored 23 first-half points on the last visit on Thursday night when they play the Hawks in Game 3, scheduled to tip off at 7:05 PM ET at the Phillips Arena.

In the NBA playoff betting odds that have been posted at Bookmaker on this game, the Pacers are a slight favorite on the road:

Indiana Pacers -2
Atlanta Hawks +2

Over 186.5 points -110
Under 186.5 points -110
The Pacers’ situation is far from stabile at the moment, despite the Tuesday night victory. There are reports that Frank Vogel may be, to use the cliche. “coaching for his job” during these playoffs. Indiana management, particularly team president Larry Bird, have made some personnel moves designed to give the team more depth, and one of those moves was to bring Evan Turner aboard.

But it appears as if Turner has been a source of friction, especially when put next to volatile personalities like Lance Stephenson, who, incidentally, has been the subject of complaints from other Indiana players. One published report said that Turner and Stephenson came to blows at an Indiana practice. All of this is somewhat unsettling for basketball bettors, because this is not exactly the “Bronx Zoo,” where the New York Yankees fought and fought with each other and continued to win. We have seen the effect of some of this on the Pacers, as they have now covered just eight of their last 42 games.

Some have cited that Vogel is too consistently upbeat a coach, though that would sound unusual. Brian Shaw was one of his assistants last year, and Shaw was useful much of the time in keeping players in line. So there is this certain confusion as to how to deal with Vogel, since the Pacers are said to have a rather volatile clubhouse.

Frankly, this team has really fallen apart, despite their ability to hold onto the top spot in the East. Bookmaker customers know that the Miami Heat had been able to finish strongly, there would have been no contest in the East. But that didn’t happen. And so you might be able to say that the Pacers more or less stumbled over the finish line, which didn’t bode well for them against the NBA playoff betting odds, at least for the first game of the series when facing the #8 seed.

This is a talented team, though, and they are capable of splendid efforts, like the big win over Oklahoma City in the season’s final week that wrapped up the #1 seed for them. Again, they came through when they had to in Game 2, as they scored the 16-point win at home, and instrumental in that victory was being able to hold Jeff Teague to just 14 points, which was big step down from the 28 points with which he burned the Pacers in Game 1.
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