NBA Betting Preview: San Antonio Spurs vs. Portland Trailblazers- May 10th, 2014

The Portland Trailblazers need to do something, anything, to get themselves back into this series. The San Antonio Spurs have looked like the far better team in this series, and they definitely took care of home court advantage where they were 32-9 this season. Speaking of home court advantage though, the Blazers were a pretty incredible team on their home floor as well, going 31-10 on the year. Both of these teams can score the ball, but the Spurs have just done better offensive AND defensively in this series to this point. The Spurs’ defense is also a good amount better than the Blazers, but I think the home court advantage could help out tonight with that.

The Spurs went 62-20 this season, and while they were pushed to seven games against the Dallas Mavericks in round one, they are playing like the team who won 62 games in this series. The team averages 105.4 points per game, but their defense is also great, as they allow only 97.6 points per game. While they were excellent on their home floor, they were also great on the road with a 30-11 record. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are playing like they’re ready to win a championship and take down this tough Western Conference on the way right now.

The Blazers looked excellent in round one of the playoffs while beating the Houston Rockets in six games. With LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard playing incredible basketball, they looked ready to push the Spurs, but they haven’t shown up at the level we expected yet. They can still even up this series by taking advantage of their home court advantage, and they may do that tonight and get their first win of the series. The Trailblazers score a ton at 106.7 per game, but they allow 102.8 points per game defensively, which has been the issue.


I think we see a mainly offensive game tonight between these two talented offensive teams, and another high scoring one. In the last two games it’s been the Spurs scoring a ton of points the Blazers just lagging behind and never being able to catch up. Tonight may be different thought.


The Spurs are one point betting favorites here, but the Blazers will grab the win on their home court. They are more than talented enough to win a game or two against this Spurs team, and I think that they’ll right the ship tonight. I’m taking the Trailblazers at home.

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