NBA Betting Preview: Indiana Pacers vs. Washington Wizards- May 11th, 2014

Have the Indiana Pacers finally gotten their groove back? Some people think so after a huge road win in Game 3 against a strong Washington Wizards team. The common thought after Game 1 of this series, when the Wizards beat the Pacers in Indiana was simply, “here we go again” with this up and down Indiana team. Pacers fans are now hoping though, that after their 22 point road victory, where they held the Wizards to only 63 points, that they are back going in the direction that will get them to possibly NBA Championship. For the Wizards, they need to win Game 4, because going down 3-1 heading back to Indiana is an awful thing, and is a hole I can’t see them getting out of.

The Pacers finally showed that defense that allowed just 92.3 points per game during the regular season. They went 56-26 during the year and managed to get the number one seed in the Eastern Conference, but until last game, they hadn’t looked like the top seed in a conference at all. Star Paul George hadn’t been himself, big man Roy Hibbert was playing awful (until two games ago), and the team just wasn’t clicking, but all of that has changed it seems.

The Wizards are led by their two young guards in John Wall and Bradley Beal, but they just are finding themselves not being able to excel like they did in their opening round series against the Chicago Bulls. While the Bulls play great defense, Wall and Beal were finding holes and hitting shots, but Indiana seems to be eliminating any easy buckets after the opening game of the series.

Offense vs. Defense

This has been the story of the entire series here, because Washington loves to get up and down and score, while the Pacers want to control the tempo and play shut down defenses. They have different styles of play, and so far the Pacers have been winning that battle. If the Wizards can’t figure out this defense in Game 4 then they’ll be looking at 3-1 hole going back to Indiana.


I think this game really is a toss up and could go either way. With that being said, giving a Pacers team who may have just gotten back to playing their old style of basketball four and a half points on most sports betting sites is pretty nice. I’m taking the Pacers to get the cover here, and I could possibly see them winning the game as well.

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