NBA Betting — Griffin Has to Stay on the Floor For Clippers to Win Game 2

Many observers who wager at may have been shocked that the Golden State Warriors were able to come through in the clutch late in the fourth quarter and score a road win over the Los Angeles Clippers in the Western Conference playoffs. After all, the Clippers had been touted by many people, including TNT commentator Charles Barkley, as a possible champion out of the West. But could it be that they will now have to go back to the drawing board after blowing a big lead and essentially giving up their home-court advantage in the series? We will find out the answers at 10:35 PM Eastern time when NBA betting action tips off at the Staples Center.

The Warriors, perhaps surprisingly so, actually dominated the action on the inside in Game 1, scoring 48 points in the paint and forcing Blake Griffin to foul out in their 109-105 victory. This series takes on a little added drama, at least if you believe the rumors that Golden State’s ownership is contemplating dumping coach Mark Jackson if he is not successful in advancing beyond the opening round of the post-season.

In the NBA betting lines that have been established at Bookmaker for this game, the Clippers are big favorites to get even:

Los Angeles Clippers -8
Golden State Warriors +8

Over 212 points -110
Under 212 points -110
The Warriors were not supposed to be the team to extract the advantage in the blocks and on the glass, but that is exactly how things shook out. Now what? All educated basketball bettors are aware that the Clippers have two of the foremost frontcourt people in the league in power forward Griffin and center DeAndre Jordan. There is no way that they should be giving up ground down low to a Golden State team that, without their own center, Andrew Bogut, actually is playing a version of “small ball.” So one has to expect that Los Angeles will make every attempt to be more assertive on the inside. As they will get a new officiating crew, they might also be pleased in the event the game is not called as tight as the opener was.

Stephen Curry was held to just 14 points in the game, And he actually took just 16 shots, less than his backcourt mate, Klay Thompson. If you look at the history, however, you will see that Golden State has won 23 out of 28 games in which Curry scored less than 20 points. There is at least some mild curiosity surrounding that particular factoid, but if you think about the proposition that if he is not shooting is much, the ball gets spread around a little better, this may turn out to be a team that is more difficult to defend. Bookmaker customers are probably wondering whether the Warriors themselves have caught onto that. Mark Jackson probably doesn’t believe that his team could actually be more effective in the most important category – victories – when Curry scores a lot less. So we will keep our eyes open for potential offensive explosion on his part in Game 2.

So can Griffin stay out of foul trouble? That is a very important question, because this guy had 16 points in 19 minutes. If it was just a case of the officials calling the game tight and not a matter of him being caught up in a psychological disadvantage, then we could look at a factor that makes the Clippers much more formidable in this game. They are going to have to hit their free throws much better, however, as they went just 23 out of 35 from the line in the opener.

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