Top Over Under Plays for the NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Sunday

Sunday March Madness Totals

We are now on to the second day of the Round of 32 and we are once again looking at the Top 3 Over/Under plays that can help build your bankroll. Some really good games are shaping up for Sunday’s round of 32 including several #1. Let’s jump right in and find 3 winners!

Arkansas Razorbacks vs. North Carolina Tar Heels

The first game we are giving out this week is a 1 seed vs. a 8 seed as the North Carolina Tar Heels will face the 8 seed Arkansas Razorbacks. These two teams have played each other 8 times in the past with the Tar Heels holding a 5-3 advantage. Arkansas made it to the round of 32 by defeating Seton Hall 77-71. They struggled from the floor in this game and are reliant on pace of the game to be successful. Their offense relies heavily on the game being played a high speed and high scoring. They have the 39th ranked offense in the NCAA, averaging almost 80 points per game. Their fault is their defense, which allows teams to score 74 points per game!

North Carolina advanced in somewhat easy fashion over Texas Southern 103-64. This was the 16th time this year that North Carolina has scored 90 or more points in a single game. 4 out of the last 5 games that North Carolina has played in have gone over the posted total.

If the Razorbacks want to be successful in this game, they must do 2 things. A) Get the Tar Heels to play at their speed B) Rebound better in this game than they did in the first game…..did I mention the Tar Heels are one of the top rebounding teams in the NCAA? Play The Over!

Louisville Cardinals vs. Michigan Wolverines

The Louisville Cardinals advanced to the round of 32 on Friday afternoon by defeating Jacksonville State by the score of 78-63. Louisville has beat Michigan all three times these two teams have played each other.

The Wolverines landed in the round of 32 by squeaking out a tough hard fought win 92-91 over Oklahoma State. Looking at this game on paper, it appears that Michigan has a bad defense because they allowed Oklahoma State to score in the 90’s and Michigan has a very good offense because they scored in the 90’s themselves. The reality is both of those are far from the truth. Oklahoma State has the 8th ranked offense for points score, averaging 85.5 points per game. On the other side of the ball, Oklahoma State has a terrible defensive team, allowing teams to score 78 points per game on average.

I think both of these teams get back to what got them to the big dance, defense! Michigan struggles against defensive teams and only scores 74.8 points per game and Louisville has the 39th ranked defense in the NCAA, only allowing teams to score 65.8 point per game. This game is going to be a total opposite of both these guys first game in round 1. Play The Under!

Michigan State vs. Kansas Jayhawks

The Michigan State Spartans advanced to the round of 32 by dismantling Miami Florida by the score 78-58. The Spartans were down by 12 points and came back to win the game in dominant fashion. The Spartans are very inexperienced and will struggle against a Jayhawks team that is one of the best in the country.

Kansas Jayhawks put up triple digits as they beat UC Davis Aggies by the score 100-62. The Jayhawks had all 5 starters score in double digits. Frank Mason led all scorers with 22 points, while Freshman standout Josh Jackson returned and looked very good as he put up 17 points.The Jayhawks are averaging 82.7 points per game on the season and in their last 3 games, they’ve scored 100, 82 and 90 points.

Kansas is going to score points, period! I don’t care who they play, their offense is potent enough to score on anyone. Their last 3 games all went over the posted total and 6 out of the last 10 games went over the posted total. Play The Over!