A Look Ahead to the 2014 NCAA Football Season

Millions of people across the Country, who are College Football Enthusiast, are feeling the desolation that only the end of the college season brings.

The only saving factor for those college enthusiasts is that the 2013 college football season will be remembered for years to come. This past season not only offered all the excitement that fans have come to expect, it left fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming 2014 college football season and the new college football playoffs.

One Last Look

The 2013 college football season was exceptional from the start to finish.

Many experts predicted Alabama to cruise their way to the National Championship game, but Auburn was destined to alter those predictions. Auburn not only beat Alabama in the SEC Championship Game, they did so in a wild fashion that left the fans talking for weeks. That win not only propelled Auburn into the National Championship game it denied Alabama a chance to 3-peat.

The last BCS Championship Game was a matchup between #1 Florida State and #2 Auburn and both teams proudly ushered out the BCS system. Florida State, which was lead by the Heisman winner Jameis Winston, won in a wild fourth quarter comeback; with Winston scoring the final touchdown to give his team a 34-31 victory with 13 seconds on the clock.

The 2013 National Championship Game was an extraordinary end to the controversial BCS system, as well as, put the finish touches on one of the best college football seasons in recent history. This game also left fans asking themselves: could the dramatic win by Florida State mean their return to dominance and with the college football championship finally being determined by a playoff system, could the 2014 season possibly be even better?

Finally, a College Football Playoff!

Before we can predict how the upcoming college football season will go, let’s start by explaining how the new playoff system will work. The regular season will be played as it always has. At the end of the regular season, a 13-member committee will be responsible for selecting the best four teams in the country and then those 4 chosen teams will be ranked and seeded.

When the playoff system begins there will be two national semifinal games paring the first seed with the fourth seed in one game and the second seed with the third seed in the second game. The winners of the two games will then meet in the “big game”.

For the 2014 college season, the semifinals will be held on January 1, 2015 at the Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl. The National Championship Game will follow on January 12th at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Due to this this new playoff system, two college teams will play more than one postseason game adding a new excitement level for the college football fan that than the old BCS format lacked. It will also allow the top teams a chance to fight it out for the championship title in a style similar to that of the NFL.

Teams to Lookout For

The defending champs, the Florida State Seminoles, have Heisman trophy winning QB Jameis Winston returning in 2014 along with a number of other essential starters.  That along with the fact that the Seminoles play in the weaker ACC, it’s hard to not considering them in the top four and making a run in the playoffs and possibly remaining National Champs. But with the new playoff system they would have to win two in a row against what is bound to be tough competition.

Most experts are forecasting the Alabama Crimson Tide to bounce back and once again challenge for the title, along with last year’s runner-up Auburn.

When looking at the major conferences, the SEC seems to be one of the elite with its teams facing the hardest schedules in all of college football. Therefore whichever team wins the SEC Championship is pretty much assured a spot as one of the top 4 and unquestionably has a chance of winning the National Championship. Pending the dominance of the SEC in 2014 and how the rest of the teams across the country finish, we may even see two SEC teams in the playoffs.

Undeniably, there are several other teams that have a good chance at making the playoffs next year besides Florida State, Auburn and Alabama. Oklahoma and Baylor from the Big 12 are two teams that must be considered, as well as, Ohio State and Michigan State from the Big 10. Last but not least, lets not count out the Pac 12 with Stanford, Oregon and USC all looking solid next year.

With the end of the BCS and a new playoff system in place, no matter which 4 teams make it to the final games, college fans across the country are truly excited. 2014 has the potential of being one of the greatest college football seasons ever not to mention the prestige of being the first year of the new playoff system.

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