What is Live Betting and why should you try it for Super Bowl LI?

Try live betting for Super Bowl 51.

Many of the BUSA¬†readers are familiar with normal flat, parlay and money line wagering but did you know that you can wager on many of our recommended sports books LIVE? You may be asking yourself, “What is LIVE betting“. This article will explain to you exactly what LIVE betting is and why it can be beneficial for you to bet Super Bowl LI LIVE!

LIVE betting is basically exactly what it says, it’s a way for you to bet live or while the game is in progress. We are all familiar with normal point spreads that come out for each game and for the most part, unless you buy down a point or two, you are locked into that specific line.

The nice part about LIVE betting is the spread gives you options and changes as the game goes on. Let’s give you an example of what we are talking about.

Let’s say hypothetically that you really like the Atlanta Falcons to win the game but they fumble the kickoff and NE scores a touchdown. Well, now you’re down 7-0. Then what if they throw a pick 6 on the next drive and you find them down by 14 in the first quarter. If you still believe the Falcons can come back and win the game, you may be able to get odds that are favorable for the Falcons +14. This will allow you to erase those 2 mishaps of the Falcons and basically start fresh with a new game.

You can bet on drive results, scores, player props, game lines and much more! You can find LIVE betting on BetDSI and on Bookmaker! The only thing is all LIVE betting wagers must be placed online.

On BetDSI and Bookmaker, once you log into your account, at the very top of the screen you will see a tab that says Live Betting. Click on that button and you will be taken to the Live Betting screen. On the left hand side, you will now see games that you can play LIVE. Click on your game and it will show you options to play.

Start today and make some LIVE BETS on this weekends big Super Bowl LI game.